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One of the Legends!

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No man brings peace in the Blackstar, until one man with a simple life seeing people with there Sci-Fi Soldier Armory. He decided to be one of them and to save the human race against the Aliens. As the time goes by risking his live saving humanity from aliens, he was captured by their own suspicious comrade in the Dynastar and ended up in prison. Few years later, there was something strange happening that all prisoners was forced to unlocked the door. The Legend started here. He came out killing unknown species and was able to ride a ship towards Blackstar and reported to UC Military General. Starting that day, that very moment, he was given the opportunity and have access to go all over the world so save human race by doing his quest. Bringing assistance and evidence back beyond value to bring down Cycorp and other bad guys for good and to return to its former glory. He was called an honorable soldier, in behalf of UC Military, he was thanked for being a great service to his country and someday never again will the Blackstar be open to attack from those...things! The humans were brought joy to there hearts and faith because of his expert killing ability of aliens. The name does have alot of meaning, it fits his characteristics. To successfully overcome and take control by use of military force. Being Victorious and to gain love, admiration or respect. The name was Conquered, One of the Legends!

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Updated 02-24-2015 at 05:40 AM by Conquered

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