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Sunday Mornings with Zalt: Rich Bird, Poor Bird

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Sunday Mornings with Zaltiar: The Rat Race

I was reading this book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Some of you may know/read it, or might have never heard of it. The story mainly revolves around the author and his journey of learning the value of money in his quest to 'get rich'. For me it was not so much a story, rather it was a crash course in learning the why's and how's for really understanding how $ worked. Doing a business major in accounting, it got me re-thinking the concept of "money". I picked it up a few days ago and only read half of it, but I learnt so much, where else I would have never learnt.
If you haven't read it yet, I definately recommend it!
It got me thinking so much, I decided to write a little about it and confuse all of you. Apologies in advance.

To me, it fell into context with every situation. How people who work for money and people who made money work for them differed. While the ones who work for money constantly struggle to retain their wealth in fear of losing it, a few that are financially literate manage to look at things at a wider perspective and really understand the "illusion" of money and how to maintain their wealth. I don't know how much that would make sense if you haven't read the book (I'm just really bad at recycling and retelling things I have read :/)

Just to illustrate let's say in PL/SL, (for the financially educated please dont whack me on the head if I get the comparisons or concepts wrong, heh, feel free to correct me, I would gladly appreciate it!) the ones who work for money would be you, me and anyone playing the game trying to stack up money as we level up for better gear. While we may get more money as we level patting ourselves on the back, the items get more expensive. We make a million, then spend half on new content end game gear. Thus, we constantly try to farm like zombies to get a few pinks to make a few bucks over, and over, and over, etc. Probably, by the time we are happy with the amount we have in our stash, the new content is just around the corner and we wind up spending 50-60% on it (like me :/)

On the other hand, the ones who make money work for them know how this all works. They're not so as interested in getting the latest gear and know a good deal on the cs when they see one. Yep, they're the 'stuck up' cs merchants who sit in balefort/B* all day. They know what the players want and need.They buy all their assets (in game gear and whatnot) low and sell them high, then they use their profits to buy more assets and so on.
While we are rich one moment then spend it all on gear, they are getting richer by the day. Now, put that into rl situations if you can. lol

Yep, most of us probably know this already but I just got to thinking again once I read that book.
Thank you for allowing me to confuse you, you are now free to go on about yourselves

Any thoughts/opinions on the book?

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