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NEW: Random Act of Kindness (AOK)

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Hey there bloggers/forumers!

I have recently started a "random acts of kindness" thread on the off topic thread. I know it has been done before, but this will be something entirely different. This will be a community driven 'system' where people will be able to nominate others for AOK recognition rewards (intangible rewards, discussed in previous PM).
Since there are a lot of in game individuals who go out their way to help others without asking for anything in return and don't get recognized, this would be a great way to put their names out in the community.
This will not be a "premium" group, anyone can be nominated for recognition on the thread!
I've read a few threads this like around other online forums and thought it would be a good idea if we had one here.

The thread is located here
If you guys have the time, please go and take a look at it,


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