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Snakespeare Re-Make: Fathom Crypt

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One of my favorite things about the campaigns so far has been how easy it is to jump into a pickup group and then run all the maps from I to V. But this will not last. Soon I will be going into games that do not even complete a single map, where people grind for the sake of grinding, and the boss gets skipped. But for now, let's enjoy Fathom. And let's enjoy full runs. I did so many full runs in Fathom that I didn't want it to end. Toward the end of level 27, when I was approaching the poont where I would ahve to move on, I was joined by some forum friends and they, too, got to enjoy a full run. I know they liked it. After all, that's the ideal way to run.

The Fathom campaign was in the game in April 2010. I didn't join until June when the current campaign was Swamps. I don't know if Fathom was added after release or if it was already there when the game came out. I bought Fathom in a bundle with Lost Expedition in July. I was leveling three toons and they were all ready to move on.

I recall the first time Snakespeare graduated to Fathom. That darn archer, Dead Eyes, at the end of map one, killed my character right off the bat. I tried several times and was unable to beat him. An oldie told me to use a hammer and stun him, but Snakespeare is a bird. The second time I took Snakespeare through Fathom, it wasn't so hard. I watched the red potion bottle and tapped it a lot. This time I am putting all my extra points in Strength. The result is that I have a better health pool. And for Dead Eyes that means I had no fear. I just stand there shooting back at him, unphased.

In fact, having Strength as my secondary stat made me stronger against all the bosses, like Sparky. Xaxis, Babrax, Skeller and the King of Pain are all able to be kited, but the rooms for Skeller and The King are designed to make it harder to kite. So, even though they catch me and smack me around, because of the health pool I was able to survive. I have included screen shots of Snakespeare's avatar page at level 27 for both the first time and this time.*

I had another death, number 6, at the hands of Vyxnaar. When the hidden area with Vyx came out the level cap was 45. Vyx can kill a level 45 character in one shot. We were impressed with that. But I wanted to see, back then, whether a Level 25 player would get good drops, too. After all, the drops are all from Fathom, except the famous helm. It turned out to be possible except when Vyx appeared. I could take out the mobs at level 25. So I asked a dev whether it was meant for level 25 pr level 45 and he said it was for 25s but they made it so that a 45 would be challenged. So I went in again. I don't know what I was thinking. One instance had four 65s and I realized that, if I followed them around I would be finished with Fathom before I had a chance to enjoy it. But later I tried again and found an empty instance. I can now say for certain that Vyx does not scale. He spawned, the camera zoomed in, when the dust settled I was pizza. I didn't even get off a shot, or a screen shot, *either. So, no matter what that dev said, it's just not for level 25s.

The Sarcophagus is fine, though, if you have a few other players to run with. I've spent too much time in Sarcophagus on a high level toon, farming for level 25 drops. But the problem is, at this point none of the level 25 pinks in the free zones are as good as the ones in Sandstone Caves, so I only did one Sarcophagus run this time. I'm not sure this zone has much use any more.

In conclusion, I have had so much fun in these zones that I almost wish I didn't have to go on. however, it is my intention to level up to cap without elixirs, playing mostly in the free zones with occasional excursions to the elite areas. So on I must go to the frozen white wastelands.

Here are the boss pics. I also got one pink to drop and sold it for 16k. It was Dreamer's Elven Helmet, and it was gone in a day.

Me at level 27, first and third pass:


Skeller Krunch

The King of Pain

scoring a pink:

next episode, cross-level farming:

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