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An apology to the community

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Warning: The following idea is quite long winded, if you have been diagnosed with an attention disorder such as ADD, ADHD, AADD; proceed to the bold sections.

First off, I apologize up front for not being able to deliver what I set out to do; over the years I have developed numerous guides that have found their way to the Internet, all for various games which I found to be exciting and worth my time in the moment... Somehow I think that moment has passed with STG. This is my realization that I can no longer keep up with the demands these guides have placed on my time, energy and sanity.

This announcement has come on the wake of the Legendary Egg Crate development, which seems to be getting darker each time I log in, with no possibility of seeing daylight again. Most weekly community updates are leading me to believe that every species may have a legendary pet egg that is only obtainable for a limited time and via a lottery draw system. Since I have every other pet except the new one being offered I will avoid paying the plat for a chance at the new plat exclusive pet. Alternatively, looking at AH for market pricing, I will be avoiding that as well since these pets start at ~500k during their availability and I just don't have that to spend on every new pet that is released.

The loss of these pushes me to the edge for this game, I have endured pets being released for the elite of the elite many times over, but knowing that they are also creating quests that require all that I have for a shot to complete it is just not something I feel I have in me at this time. The pet collection was a side project, questing has always been my focus since I'm an RPGer at my core, so why have quests have fallen into the elitist category also?!

I don't have a running tally of how much gold or time these guides have cost me over the years but I can recall some specific instances that set me back, sometimes to square one: ~4m towards mythic gear in order to complete the mythic upgrade questline, 1m for Breezaga, 10m for Singe, just to name a few. The thing is that this list of information didn't come free because the game isn't free ...and this is all facilitated by myself, I don't belong to a guild that supplies the information, I don't have a dev on retainer to send me the information, also I don't enlist help over the forums though occasionally some does come, nor have I received donations (unless you count the occasional Deary dump).

So we have yet another legendary pet that I shall not have and by the list of species within the game I expect there will be more pets to add to my list of the unobtainable on the horizon. We also now have a questline that cannot be completed without an investment of one Singe egg which is further compounded by the addition of a crafting element that is expensive and exceedingly rare. This forces those who already purchased a Singe egg and opened it to find the means to purchase another egg at a higher premium.

Why not offer other means to obtain these pets?

This is an opportunity to prove that it's not about the plat but about the game. Offer a way for non-plat players to get Nekro, I guess we can all agree that Singe requires plat but can be purchased through gold, so why do I need an egg if I already endured that grind? Yes for most becoming filthy rich is a grind, earning requires time and luck, plat and luck, or merch skill; however, in this game scamming people seems to be the most lucrative profession of them all, with surprisingly less risk involved than merching.

Scorch is a whelp, how come he isn't also be a means to create Nekro? is his mythic blood just too poor and not of arcane royalty, sacrificing an unborn mythic whelp just doesn't please the gods of Arlor as a rare arcane level pet does. Apparently the gods love a good plat sink as must as the devs do!

How about a pet sacrifice instead of an egg hunt; what I mean is based on the idea of the quest why not be able to use a leveled up Singe in place of an unopened egg? Paracelsus the Alchemist is an alchemist first and a nekromancer second! How about a quest that allows me to take my L41 Singe pet and create Nekro from that, the quest already seems to be aimed at end game, why not just take that final plunge?

As for the addition of Sky, Foxy, Silver and Fritters, how about making each of these new plat lottery pets part of the new expansion as drops. This way those who purchased them got an exclusive test run, got to show them off to all of their friends and everyone else doesn't have to be left out. Just a suggestion since I have to question what is the motive for a gamer like myself to spend 15p on one of these new egg crates when I already have every other pet in the crate except the new one.

In closing, I would like to apologize to the community for failing to keep these guides up-to-date during the life of this game. Sorry to those who have enjoyed or utilized my guides; especially those who have offered help, support or advice during my duration.

Thank you to all of you, you know who you are.

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