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Yadi Permana

luck comes in difficult times

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On one morning Fitung plans to sell 10 locked from the hunt
in the auction, but after seeing the market price in
There he was so sad, very low price only 2k / pcs. Not in accordance with the
time and effort that has been sacrificed. hard-earned him yesterday
rewarded with a low price and when he sells all
locked, the results can not buy weapons that he wants that cost 40k.

But when he sat there thinking "whether to sell or not?",
A friend of his named Ghea came over. and asked what happened. and
Long story short Fitung tell all his sadness at Ghea.

After hearing all the stories and troubles, Ghea very sad for him and gave
A suggestion to earn money by selling egg malison which can be obtained
The "elite Rooks Nest" and he is ready to help.

Long story short, they went to the Elite Rock Nest
to seek their fortune. With intention, strong determination and necklaces Armed with Lepre
they also begin the battle to conquer the ruler Rooks nest is king Bael.
After a fierce battle that finally King Bael could
defeated and hope found that "Egg malison".

Fitung also sell eggs at a price of 45k and finally
Fitung can buy weapons he wants from these results.
Thanks to luck and the help of his friend.

the end...

Thank you for reading

Arcane Legends

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