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Snakespeare Re-Make: The Cross Levels

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The Cross Levels were born on April 14th, 2010 with Patch Note 45783 ( There were, as you'll see, originally 4 of these zones, but when Forest Haven was updated the Skeleton Cult Crypts were oddly tweaked to drop Forest Haven gear. Skeller, for instance, disappeared from his Skelton Cult room. The other three Cross Level Zones are Kings' Forest, Magic Castle, and Mega-Maze. The announcement said that they would drop level 25 to 30 gear and featured six new classes of weapons.

Just over a week later pinks were added ( Helms were still very rare. The pinks are very nice looking. I have included some pictures. Their stats are good, too, but once the Frozen Nightmare gear came along they were deprecated. Even though the new weapons for birds and bears doesn't include it in their names, they are also based on the skeletal theme. If only they had helms they might have made a great set. Perhaps the design crew thought that wearing a helmet of bones was something that would gross people out. On second thought, maybe that is true.

I didn't spend a lot of time playing in the Cross Levels. There isn't really a lot to farm there any more. See the sticky in Trader's Market ( where the Cross Levels are listed at the end. The reason I didn't go in there when Snakespeare was leveling in Balefort and Fathom is because the drops are not scaled and he would not have been able to use any of it. Plus, I already have what I want from there. But since I was in the 25 to 30 range in Lost Expedition, I went on a few bone jaunts. I did get a purple but it was a repeat for me and I sold it.

I don't think playing in the Cross Levels ever caught on. It's like Shadow Caves, people don't go there much and, once they do they don't often return.

Just after the first wave of level 19 PvP twink tournaments started to die down the question was asked, What level next for twinking? Some said there would not be other levels, that 19 was the only kind of twink. Zyla was dropping the L19 pinks at the time and it seemed a simple formula. But then level 29 was proposed, the level of the bone gear that dropped. Why not farm the Cross Levels and have PvP matches in bone gear? A tourney was started but never came to fruition. There weren't enough players to hold the tourney.

Once they added Frozen Nightmare pinks, the bone gear lost any appeal it might have had. Then when they added the Sandstone Caves, which also dropped Cross Level gear (excepting bone pinks), the Cross Level maps were effectively made moot. Chances are they will get deleted someday to make room for new maps, but I'm not sure anyone will even notice.

The X-axis

Sniper's Bone Tunic

Sniper's Battle Crossbow

next up: The Lost Expedition

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  1. Mothwing's Avatar
    Hey Snake My bird just hit 21, and just as you did, I'd like to farm myself a few good pinks from SSC. My dillema comes from me having no deaths. Is there a good system to maintain my k/d but do well in SSC? Thanks Great work btw, and good luck
  2. Snakespeare's Avatar
    I don't believe so, Moth. That is not a good place for K/d ratio'ing. The first boss must be killed to unlock other levels and the first boss will almost certainly kill you. Better to buy the gear, if you're ratio'ing.
  3. Mothwing's Avatar
    Late, reply, but thanks