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Vanities for charitable causes

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Thought about this again when I saw a commercial for a cancer walk.

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Well, now that there's a vanity shield slot (perhaps vanity weapon isn't too far off also?), one thing that can be made are "charity items". For instance, a vanity shield which costs, say, $5 worth of plat, where all proceeds go to some worthwhile charity/foundation/cause. It could be military related, it could be disaster related, it could be seasonal related, it could be all sorts of things!
Didn't realize it was posted almost a year ago!

With the recent discussion of plat packages, $5 of plat might actually be quite a bit for some people when you consider the $90 package was basically 4.5 cents per plat. 30 plat is sold for $5 (16.7 cents per plat), but that's probably not enough plat for this case. Meeting somewhere in between, if one bought plat at a rate of 10 cents per plat, you'd come out to 50 plat = $5.

Personally, I think somewhere in the 50-100 plat range is fine. Of course, you could probably get more takers with such items offered more towards the lower end of that range.

How much plat would you be willing to spend on a limited edition vanity if anywhere from 50-100% of the proceeds went to a particular cause?

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  1. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Depending on the charities history & current funds, I would be willing to pay about 165 plat. (13)
  2. Snakespeare's Avatar
    I love the idea. I could see doing it with a straight up cash deal instead of plat. For instance, a $10 contribution to the American Cancer Society via the portal could get you a special shield. Or maybe $50?