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Baylakk's CONTEST!-Beanmachine's Entry

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If you haven't seen Baylakks Contest, then go check it out in the PL Contests sub-forum. His 2nd contest, which I find interesting and very original is suggest something that would make Pocket Legends better or more fun to play. Devs can definitely hear from our opinions from this contest, however the odds are very low, which is why I posted mine here. I feel like this has a big potential to make PL more fun on Chrome and would really immerse players into believing their simple computer is a gaming console.

Check it out.

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Contest 2, brace your selves for the best idea ever, not just for this contest but something that might and can actually takes place.

Recently PL became playable on Chrome but the controls are very flimsy and hard to use correctly with a combo however the graphics and ping is sufficiently better than the hand -held devices used to play PL. So what I think is that, STS should make an app to allow hand-held devices such as an iPhone or iPod Touch to be used as a gaming controller with Chrome being the high-definition monitor.

Pro's-It feels like your Mac/PC/Linux is a gaming console and many other games on those systems already are compatible with special USB controllers. Since PL has many skills, it would not work unless STS made their own touch-screen game controller app. Instead of guessing which skill is which on the number keys, you will already know from muscle memory when you use your hand-held device

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  1. OvigorothO's Avatar
    i love this! i would totally buy the app then hook up my laptop to huge tv hehehe...