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A little about me and how i feel.

Yaranas's AoA Application! :)

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In-Game Name: Yaranas Level: 20

How long have you been playing? I have been playing Pocket Legends since 3-13-2012, but do not let that discourage you from
Making me an Ambassador.

Why do you like Pocket Legends? I love Pocket Legends because it is a remarkable game, full of interesting and kind people who just want to have fun. It also reminds me of a game I helped develop that was a browser-based mmorpg we made with flash. I also find that game client just unbelievable and I hope to one day work for Spacetime Studios as a developer.

Why do you want to become an Ambassador? I wish to become an ambassador for mainly two reasons. One I think that having a former game developer who is experienced with helping players, reporting bugs/glitches, map/world building, and minor programming would greatly help out the whole ambassador team. Two I one day plan on working for spacetime studios after or before I finish college, whichever comes sooner, so I feel it would help better get me aquanted with other developers and community leaders.

What do you think is the most important thing for new players to know about Pocket Legends? I think one of the most important things for knew players to know about Pocket Legends is that one of the most important things about Pocket Legends and basically any Massive Online Role Playing Game is that community within the game is key to successfulness. I also would stress to them that they are not alone at all when they first start playing. That they are more so a part of a big family full of helpful people who want to make their experience ingame the best possible for them.

If you saw someone being a bully to another player, how would you handle it? First and foremost, understand everything is not always as it seems. The player who is accused of being a bully could not be a bully at all, the two players could actually be best friends just playing around with each other. To differenciate between whose an actual bully I would first, send a private message to the player who is being supposedly bullied and I would ask him if he feels as if he or she is being bullied or if they are just friends playing around. Once I conclude that the player is in fact being bullied. I would send a private message to the bully asking him to please stop acting innapropriately and to stop bullying the other player immediately. If the player stops that's usually the end of it and I would suggest to the player who was being bullied to now add the bully to his or her own ignore list to prevent this from happening again. On the other hand, if the bully refuses to stop bullying the player I will be forced to take whatever appropriate action necessary to nip it in the bud immediately. Such as reporting the bully using the report abuse function, also advising that the player who is being harrassed to do the same an report the player using his or her own report abuse function. I feel that if the bully doesn't stop the first time when asked to stop that it crosses over into new territory which is now harassing to the other player more now then ever. If I have privileges such as the power to mute or ban players who seriously break the rules I would take all the information over what happened and determine whether to give a game mute or game ban accordingly. The same goes with the forums. I have had years of experience being an ingame administrator, also I ran the games forums almost by myself with a little help from a volunteer team I appointed underneath me to assist where needed. So I know what it takes. I've been there done that, and I love doing it. That's why I wish to continue my career in the game developing trade and get my foot in the door into spacetime studios by showing them what I can really do. I plan to show them by being a great ambassador ingame, helping out on the forums, staying active, and most importantly having fun at the same time.

Are Ambassadors like moderators? To me Ambassadors are like moderators in the sense that moderators for any Mmorpg is supposed to be friendly to players, and assist them in anything they need to make their time spent playing the game the most enjoyable possible for them. Now when we talk about abilities such as ingame mutes or ingame bans usually give out by moderators I would think that if the Ambassador is highly skilled and knows what he or she is doing, not to forget if the Ambassadlr is 100% trusted, then yes I would give them some kind of option to remove serious rule breakers from the game or at lsasg mute them so they cannot talk until further investigation and action can be taken.

If we picked you to become an Ambassador, what would surprise us most about you? I think one suprising or exciting detail about myself is that I recently spent the last few years in the Infantry. You really don't see too many Infantry game developers out there in life, but that's what I think makes me special and it helps me stand out from the crowd. I also live by the Army Values, which is Honor, Integrity, selfless service. I treat all people as I wish to be treated, I can promise you only one thing. If you pick me to become an ambassador I will not let any of you down. I will also do my best in anything I do for you all, and I will always follow through with whatever it is I say I will do. To me its all about pride, and at the end of the day, that's all anyone has is their own pride and knowing in their hearts that they did a great job, and it was the very best job they could possibly do.

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  1. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    wow, just wow. This is well thought through and I can see that you are really determined. It seems that you do have a talent, well done!
  2. Pdubbs90's Avatar
    i like a lot of what you have to say! not taking everything as what it originally may seem to be is good. seems like a very good application. good luck.
  3. Yaranas's Avatar
    Thank you so much Skeletonlord! I really appreciate the support. My promise to you and to everyone that has ever played a game by spacetime studios is that I am here to stay, I will not be going anywhere and I will help anyone at all who needs it. I use my skills for good purposes only. anyways thank you for the comment!
  4. Yaranas's Avatar
    Thank you pdubbs90! I like that we share the same viewpoint on not taking everything as it seems. Just think about it, if everyone did that, the world would be a much different, colder place. Not cold as in icecream either, cold as is communism.
  5. Lowlyspy's Avatar
    Interesting answers, a bit rambly to be frank, but interesting nonetheless. If i was still in AoA you might just have my vote, best of luck though.

    Thank you for serving our country so admirably by the way, your service is greatly appreciated.
  6. Yaranas's Avatar
    Thanks lowlyspy for the comments! Its not a big deal, I loved serving, my grandfather and great grandfather both served, its kind if a family tradition. I wouldnt change my decision to have joined for a million dollars and that's the truth. I can see why you would say its abit rambly but I went into depth on most everything I talked about ao players, fellow developers, and just anyone know matter what part of the world their from would hopefully be able to understand what I was talking about.

    I appreciate your comment, I appreciate you.
  7. Yaranas's Avatar
    Lowlyspy I saw in your profile that you are going to be going into the Airforce! I would just like to say congratsations on that you made a selfless decision to go into the armed forces. Most people never do or are unable to due to various reasons, but I would just like to say that I am proud of you!

    Sincerely, Fmr Corporal Justin Hill
  8. Airrie's Avatar
    Very impressive Yaranas!

    If you haven't already, copy & paste an official application. This will get more of the ambassadors to see your app. An application of this kind of detail is definitely a first, Great job!
  9. Yaranas's Avatar
    Thank you Airrie! Yes it is already posted in the appropriate section. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. I appreciate the support, I really do.
    Updated 03-31-2012 at 04:52 AM by Yaranas
  10. adidaman's Avatar
    Let me start by saying that honesty is very important in my book, even if it may hurt a few feelings a long the way. (Thus me being considered a "troll".). Anyway, I found that you come off a little bit needy in your application, and this is not what the ambassador's need. Bringing up military experience just seconded that, and it appears that you want to be AOA for all the wrong reason. However, the application was very well written out; but to be quite frank- you have not been playing long enough to be in AOA. Good luck
  11. Domosoto's Avatar
    damn bro! your good! you should add me domosoto!
  12. Yaranas's Avatar
    Thanks domosoto! And ok I will.
  13. Yaranas's Avatar
    Adidaman, not to sound rude, but who are you to say that I am not qualified to be an AoA member? I feel that I am doing it for the right reasons, I like helpig people, I have prior experience in the field, also I stated my previous military experience to be informative a little since it is my blog and I have the right to say whatever I want in it. I find it odd that everyone agrees with me, even spacetime studios staff but you just want to say I sound needy? Well maybe your right, maybe I want to get back into the gaming industry so bad I'm actually willing to put forth effort and do something about it.
  14. Gambatte's Avatar
    This is really good!!!
  15. Yaranas's Avatar
    Thanks Gambatte! I appreciate it.
  16. Buddahh's Avatar
    You're such a pessimist addiman!

    Good luck Yanaras
  17. Yaranas's Avatar
    Tomorrow is the midieval fair! I'm so excited..ill be sure to take pictures and well see if we can get them in an album for you all.
  18. Yaranas's Avatar
    I will most likely be taking the pics using my 8.0 Mega Pixel camera on my phone .
  19. Yaranas's Avatar
    Everyone stay tuned for my blog posts, they come at random and that's the we way we like it uh huh come on buy my rap cd when it.comes out.
  20. Yaranas's Avatar
    I apologize, due to an attempted robbery at my house I was unable to go to the midieval fair. Hence there will be no pictures of it.
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