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Hello my name is Jeff.

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I bet you've come across those names in AL that are so hard to type or even pronounce that your head starts to hurt.

For example :

A : hello my name is Ioeabaoaumeueao
B : hello erm...Ioea.b.aoaum...*eyes go funny*....eue..*head now hurts, gives up runs away screaming*

Simple solution :

A : Hello I'm Xorr, pronounced as Zorr.
B : Hello Xorr (pronounces it as Zorr) nice to meet you.
A : Now that you know my name purdy lady, we're officially dating.
B : Eww....calling the police, and filing report to STS!

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Updated 08-19-2015 at 06:34 AM by Xorrior

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  1. Wazakesy's Avatar
    Lol? x)

    11chars, ps: Hai stupid sirz
    Updated 08-19-2015 at 06:50 AM by Xorrior
  2. Xorrior's Avatar

    Updated 08-19-2015 at 06:49 AM by Xorrior