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Star Legends Frequently Asked Questions/"Guide" For New Players

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Feel free to request a question and answer!

Q. Which class is the best?
A. I'm almost positive every player who has played Star Legends has asked this question! The answer to this is there is no best class. All classes have there own unique advantages and disadvantages. Operatives are super single target damage dealers while they will die very easily. Commandos are the tanks of the game. Their hit percentages usually are lower than all the other classes, but they can live to tell their story after almost every mob attack. Engineers are the support class of the game, a team genrally relies on an engineer to keep them alive, so they tend to have a lot of pressure!

Q. What is this platinum thing I keep hearing about?
A. Platinum is the in app purchase currency for all SpaceTime Studios games. Platinum lets you buy all sorts of awesome things such as vanity helmets, auction terminal slots, special gear, premium campaigns and more!

Q. Do I HAVE to buy platinum?
A. Nope! Even without paying a penny for platinum a player can play all main spine campaigns and experience almost all (excluding campaigns) the features that a player who does pay for platinum experiences.

Q. I saw this guy with a red name!
A. What you saw is a dev! All STS devs have red names!

Q. What are all the names of the campaigns, and which one should I be playing in?
A. There are currently 5 campaigns in Star Legends, Dynastar Labs, Red Sun Pirate Spaceship, Cycorp Industries, Delta-7, Numa Prime, and Slouch-o.
Level Recomendation
Dynastar- 2-6
Red Sun- 6-10
Cycorp- 10-15
Delta-7- 16-20
Numa Prime- 21-25
Sloucho- 26-30
Shipyard Colony- 31-35
Voloria- 36-41

Q. What's the auction house? Where can it be found?
A. The auction house is a terminal where players can put items for sale, for a set price. Currently, there is no way to barter with the seller, although there is a possibility of this being added in the future. The auction house can be found in the "Storage and Trade" section in the USS Blackstar.

Q. What are credits?
A. Credits are the in game currency of Star Legends. Credits can be used to buy items from other players or NPC's.

Q. What are guilds? How can I join one?
A. Guilds are usually groups of people who are friends or have the same goal. To join a guild, you must be invited by a guild officer. After getting invited, go to the friends section of your avatar page, then go to "guilds".

Q. Items have different colored names?
A. The color of an items name shows its rarity.
Grey- Trash
White- Common
Orange- Uncommon
Green- Rare
Purple- Epic
Pink- Legendary

Q. What is "DPS"
A. Damge per Second

Q. Is there a way to recieve platinum for free?
A. Yes, you can recieve free platinum by downloading apps from TapJoy. To get to this, go on your avatar page, then click "Store". You may also recieve platinum for telling your friends about the game and liking/following the game on Facebook and Twitter.

Q. What are stat points? Which ones should I use?
A. Stat points are used to increase your characters stats. Dexterity increases hit% and critical%, strength increases dodge health and H/S, intellegence increases mana and mana per second. A more detailed explanation of stat points can be found here-

Q. What are elite chests?
A. Elite chests can be identified by two little blue "bars" on the bottom of the chest. Elite chests have a much better drop rate than normal chests. Elite chests "spawns" are completley random.

Q. Where can I farm vanities?
A. Vanities can be farmed in all Numa Prime and Slouch-o Campaign levels. Numa Prime drops the vanities X-Ray Vision, Mechanical Man Helmet, and Squid Buddy. The Slouch-o campaign drops Comedy, Tragedy, and Zany Goggles. X-Ray Vision can drop at any campaign.
Hint: Most Numa Prime vanities are found on the level Outer Limits

Q. If I farm at a level that is appropriate for me, do I have a better chance at a good drop than a person who is above the reccomended level?
A. Nope! Nothing effects drop rates in Star Legends. Although, elixers allow you to re-roll your loot.

Q. What is farming?
A. No, you do not have to grow crops in Star Legends to earn money . Farming is where players "complete" the same map (or a select few) over and over again using a selected strategy. Usually farmers "farm" for high end gear, although there are different types of farming such as stim farming and kill farming.

Q. Why do so many people have green antenna
A. Antenna are an exclusive vanity item that prove that you have seen and waved at an STS dev! Currently, there is only one color of antenna (green). More will probably be added in the future.

Q. What are enhancers?
A. Enhancers (elixers in PL) are "drinks" that you can purchase with platinum or credits (only with a tier 3 guild hall) to improve your characters damage, defence, xp gain rate, speed, and ability to re-roll loot. Enhancers can be purchased at a discounted price from a tier 2 and tier 3 guild hall.

Q. How can I speak in guild chat?
A. To speak in guild chat simply type /g before you say your message. Ex: /g Hey guys!

Q. What is M/S and H/S
A. M/S and H/S stand for mana per second and health per second. For example, if you have 2 health per second, you will regenerate 20 health in 10 seconds.

Any typo's or wrong information? Feel free to tell me .
I did not make this you can see who did here:

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