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Enchanted Eye & Para Gems Dilemma

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I've made a thread like this before but I strongly feel that this should be revisited. Before I begin, I would like to say that I have a number of enchanted eye gems already stored should this idea not be implemented but I would prefer that the Paracelsus and enchanted eye gems be returned to the game.

Upon the release of the jewel system, not only did the highest level of jewels become incredibly expensive, especially when compared to their supergem counterpart but also, gems were discontinued. Thus, this leaves us with a lot of OP players whose stats simply far out do their peers.

I do realize that developer stance on this is that these gems will eventually fizzle out and be replaced when newer gear comes. However, my opinion is that is very theoretical and not very realistic. Hoarders will always be present and there will always be a new wave of gems being sold at even higher prices. (Although, money is not the issue for me). Additionally, the new mythic set will be set to last half a year or more if the life expectancy of previous mythic sets/imbued sets tells us anything. Quite simply, expecting players to wait so long is pure baloney!

So, I suggest that eye gems and paracelsus gems be returned in their respective events. They will not be detriment to the jewel system, as jewels are still great additions for twinks (L30s can get stats only typically available to a L46 supergemmed item). However, it is quite clear that jewels are not a viable replacement for gems at end game. The fatal flaw is the amount of cracked jewels it requires to make a noble gem as well as the lack of stats for completing such an arduous task. I feel that both systems should be allowed place in the game and we as players can pick which one benefits us more in which situation.
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