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Sorrax and his energy pool.

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Sorrax tips for mages n rogues :

Do not fight this boss close combat, his curse is deadly and a one hit! Keep your distance and fight him surrounded on all sides if you can. When you see his target red zone, just run back or away as he will zoom in, stun, and prolly take you out in a hit.

Ever wondered why this guy is taking so long to defeat, mebeh you allow him to bathe in his energising pool which heals him, increases his armour and gives him protective cover under the onslaught. To pull him out of his pool, simply run to the opposite side of the map, he will leave his pool and come to you. Fighting him while he is in his energy pool is silly.

Figure 1.1 (my awesome artwork) illustrates how to encounter Sorrax in his energy pool........

Figure 1.1

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