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Planar Tomb 2 run : post dreaded dog ninja buff!

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Planar Tomb 2 there's been a buff, people are running this map like pre-buff and dying by unnecessary dog and giant pulls, those dogs are now boss status, meaning one hit kills. Here are some tips on T2, it's not the fastest but it'll save ankhs and deaths. You really only need to encounter one giant and no more than 2 dogs.

The first pull, is at a point below, this resets the mage. Also pull the skelly on far left next to the dog but NOT THE DOG. You can do this by hugging the wall and going close to the skelly, this will aggro him and leave the dog chewing on the remnants of a poor smurf.

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The second pull can be done in two steps, first run to the point below, aggro whatever except the bubble guy and the dog lurking up there. Kill mobs and then aggro bubble bobble guy and dog, 4 vs 1 boss dog is good odds let the mage stun and freeze the dog, this keeps party safe and allows rogues to snipe it to death.

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The 3rd pull is where people screw up the most and aggro dogs and giants and cause quit rages. You will see a dog chewing on the last guy who pulled him. You can avoid this dog by hugging the wall all the way round and ending on the left of the wall opposite the statue or just slightly above the point shown even, make sure to aggro the skellies as you hug the wall, also either you or a party member aggros the vines at the entrance of the path leading to the next room and pulls them down towards the party. By staying left near the wall, you won't aggro dogs or giants.

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Now we are into the second room, gonna do this pull in two steps for sanity sakes, so pull all vines and bubble bobble guy to the point shown, do not pull mage and giant. Step 2 - After killing mob then pull mage and giant and kill near statue.

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Step 2.

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Next we stay to the right and run into the entrance of the path way leading to boss room, we kill all vines there.

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Then we gang the dog PvP style and then TADAAAAAA we fight boss.

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P.S Should any mobs reset, boss will not spawn and you will need to kill more towards the end. Practice makes perfect.


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