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Hotfix | 12/11/15 cool thanks

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We were able to determine that one of the new Juggernaut changes, responsible for the scaling on the base ability and "Bring it On" upgrade was the cause of the frequent game crashes that players have been experiencing. To resolve this, we'll need to roll back these changes temporarily until we are able to implement a fix. Here's what will change:

Things that are rolling back:
The base juggernaut ability will return to 300 uncharged, 500 charged instead of supporting the scaling
The 'Bring it on' upgrade will not apply additional armor based on Strength when using charged juggernaut

Things that are staying:
Ignore Pain will keep the 40% damage reduction, 65% for first 6 seconds on charge
Second Wind will keep the heal threshold increase of < 40% instead of < 25%

Thank you to the community as a whole for providing helpful info and feedback that allowed us to track down and resolve this issue quickly!

Since the bug was found in the new tech that we used to implement the scaling, we estimate these changes will return in the next client update around the first quarter of next year.

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  1. frighterboss's Avatar
    cool. this ppost has helped Frighterboss Moonlight assassins