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HOW TO BE MERCHANT (moved soon to AL guides)

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Hello guys, my name is Rendtails. I've been playing Arcane Legend since 2014 but vacuum for college. In this thread i will teach u what i get in selling disciplinary for almost 2 years.

Contents in this thread:
1. All about merching.
2. What u can do to merching.
3. How to be a good merchant.
4. How to avoid scam on merching.
5. Auction game.
Check this out!

1.All about merching.
- Do you realize, why im as a merchant wanna share my tips to u? Why im not use it to myself to be self-selfish-rich ? All i can say is this :Being a merchant doesn't mean u only buy with low price and sell with high price, being a merchant is a professions. If u dont want to life as a merchant. Then don't be a merchant.
- When i said to u merchant is a profession, what do u think? Something different than before right? Merchant has very big effect on market trader. Price goin' up, goin' down, items became hard to search, items climb the top prices, all because merchant. Pilot has an object when work; gotta deliver passanger on save way, police has an object when work; make all people on safe feeling, but how about merchant? What is merchant object? To control the market.
- Merching is the one of ancient art on arcane legend. U can see in arcane legend forum, the most many thread are on AL market trader. U cant life without merching on game.

2. What u can do to merching.
- First u can do is,make sure u have budget. It doesn't matter how much u have 100m or 1k is still same, u are merchant. With budget, u can put yourself onto good position when someone offered a good chances.
- Be in traders city is one of the most important things. Traveler outpost, Kraag, Pier and Expedition camp was known as a merching city. One question spoted, why? Because that 4 city has a level. Example : Traveler outpost is the first city new player can meet on game, they can see auction in there. In their adventure to defeat goblin, of course they receive some item and wanna sell it. Also that 4 city is very full of player.
- Chances. Dont miss your chances bro, they dont came for second times, always match with ur budget. Dont waste ur gold. But, beware from scamming, with big unconcious prize there have a bad-sided.
- If u buy items on someone, it had 2 option for u to sell it. First, merching on city. Second, put it on auc.

3. How to be a good merchant.
- Do you know what the purpose of title on game? To introduce yourself, also title is a pride to use it. Some merchant on game use [MERCHANT] or [AUCTIONER] title on game to introduce urself. And then people who wants to sell of buy items will pm u.
- Good looking, get more chances. If u a new player with low gold, better dont use any equip (not insulting) than use an common,epic, or rare equipment on ur work. With that equipment, people's think ur not a really merchant cause u use ungood gear, so better dont use any equipment. And for u that already had a vanity, please use it. A match vanity, or good set is very important to make people trust.
[I]Tips :
- if u a rogue and have low bid, only buy vanity vest. And dont use a vanity helm, u look beautiful in that way. :3
- if u a mage and have low bid, only buy vanity helm. And dont use a vanity armor (dont use armor equip) u look cute that way. :c
- if u a warrior and have low bid, better dont use any set of vanity and equip. U look macho that way :v[/]
- Always say greetings. 'Hello' to open topic, and 'Thanks' to close topic make costumer more satisfied and trust you.
- Dont spam in global chat. When u write an offer. Dont make other player uncomfortable, they will ignore you.
- Don't be scammers. Scamming will make ur name bad in public, and the biggest risk is bann permanently

4. How to avoid scam on merching.
- Dont put urself at risked choice. This is your game bruh. U must control the way when make a deal.
- Dont push urself too hard for get the items. Always think about ur gold. Left a couple amounts of gold.
- 'SELL NEKRO EGG 500k', 'DOUBLE YOUR LEPRE', 'SELL 10 locked 50k'. If u want to jump in that offer, i tell u what; jump out!! That offer is a trap. Who the heck wanna sell their nekro for 500k? Fossil priced 1.5m. Is there any magician in game that can double ur lepre?. 10 locked= 50k, each time u trade u can only put 4 items, and how u receive all of the locked with pay 50k on trade? Please be smart.
- Beware when trade. Dont be easily agreed when the screen become green. Some people change the amount of 2.000.000 to 200.000.
- Double put. 'A' sell lepre 300k on auc, whiches only 1 in auc. And 'B' Sell it 100k. Dont trust to easily, maybe 'A' is 'B'. My suggest dont buy when only 1 item on auc.
- If u already get scams, report it to spacetime studios support centre.

5. Auction game.
- When u buy items on city, make calculation on the cheapest price on auc. Like someone sell dragonite bar 2m and on auc is 2.3m. And u want to sell it 2.2m. So put the item on selling option and try it with 3 days, then will appear 3 days cost 110k. It means 2.2m-110k = 2.09k. Means u won 90k.
So the formulas to getting rich is: cheapest auc price - how much u buy the item - how much the tax cost 3 days for the price u wanna sell.
* (-) read minus.

Sorry for unperfect thread, just share what all i know to players, thanks this post if useful.

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