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AL - Final Bug List.

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This is the last update for this list. I pasted it here because a lot of people were asking why they couldn't see it. That's because I pointed out a bug in the spoiler html tag and made use of it here (which hasn't been fixed yet, months later, surprise surprise).

Original Thread:

---------------------(Click the Read More at your right, it's a long post)------------------------------------------

This is pretty much a compilation of 99% of what's wrong with the game's physics/mechanics/spelling at the moment. Any bugs fixed will be immediately removed from the appropriate partition so this list will be frequently updated.

Note: Due to vacations, laziness and the game's interest declining, updates will be less frequent.

(Total Bugs: 78)

  1. The damage reduction buff is not always removed upon the death of the Orc Gladiator...
  2. The range of the Orc Brute's attacks seems bugged since the cone red zone is shorter than the display while the normal swing's range is apparently longer.
  3. Elite Shaman Pakuna's poison totems cannot be harmed by Damage over Time effects. They also take a few seconds before they light up after spawn.
  4. Squeakems 'n Squish happiness bonus gives 260 armor instead of 100 as listed in its description.
  5. Sorcerer's uncharged Arcane Shield provides neither stun immunity nor a consistent bleed-effect immunity as described in the skill upgrade.
  6. The outline glow for the Ren'gol Ancestral Rune is blue (Epic) instead of orange (Mythic).
  7. The little purple shield icon above Orc Gladiators that indicates they're the shield-buffing mobs has gone missing in Elite Ren'Gol maps.
  8. The skeleton spawns in Dead City are visually glitched, seemingly a result of an incomplete cross-over with the melee thieves from Ydra Forest.

  1. The skill upgrade "Spreading Shadow" isn't extending the impact radius to 6m in Shadow Storm Shot - comparing to Noxious Bolt's 6m, it doesn't reach the same targets at charge (Rogue).
  2. If Shadow Piercer is upgraded with "Rising Death", its auto-targeting appears to lose the 180 angle prioritization (Rogue).
  3. Juggernaut's visual effect wave cancels the Maul proc one if used right afterwards (Warrior).

  1. Misspelled "damage" to "damaged" in Sorcerer's "Extended Shield" upgrade description (Arcane Shield).
  2. Unneeded comma in Sorcerer's Gale Force's original skill description: "wind, leaves, and dust" -> "wind, leaves and dust".
  3. "No EXP GAin" -> "No EXP Gain", description from pop-up in maps where the AI is five or more levels less than your character level.
  4. Misspelled "their Armor" to "thier Armor" in Tyranica's passive at L30+.
  5. Lack of spacing in "damages_a target" in Toor's passive at L20+.
  6. The daily quest "Monkey Ball" has a spelling error in its description; Anicent -> Ancient.
  7. Incorrect spelling in map description for Ancient Mariner Reef - doesn't --> don't*.


  1. The maximum AI level in the Tindirin expansion is 46, not 44 as displayed in the World Map.
  2. The minibosses in Kraag Tombs IV can heal by using their very own heal-packs which are dropped to help the players.
  3. The soldiers in Ashral/Wraith Heart bosses are now easily killed due to level and gear difference while they're not supposed to be and that glitches the boss shield to never go down.
  4. The initial crafting quest given by Baldur can be completed by crafting other types of jewels as well.
  5. Alargan can be damaged and stunned while he's resetting.
  6. When you're inside a PvP area, you can't go to Dragon's Jewel through the World Map.
  7. Shady 'n Surge's poison damage pools can banish rogue traps/shadow veil' bomb/mage's time shift.
  8. When a pet levels up two or more times subsequently, red screen flashes follow as if you're taking damage while in Stable or inside some other menu tab, even if the mobs in that area cannot deal any damage on your character due to 20+ level difference.
  9. Sometimes, two environments are initiated at the same boss fight in Planar Arena.
  10. The Ancient Planar Pendant's proc removes the stun immunity from several bosses (including Ferrix, Sorrax the Great, Marrow the Ancient).
  11. Barrels/crates/pools (including Nordr's frost ones) can be stunned by the Ancient Planar Pendant/Maul of Ollerus' proc and they're also affected by all kinds of debuffs that don't break them. Death & slowdown debuff pools are additionally pushed away. Also, Tyranica's AA is targetting Shaman Pakuna's lava pools, Thumper's slowdown pools, Ferrix's death pools etc.
  12. The warrior NPC at the beginning of the Tindirin Wilds (and other rare warrior NPC's inside maps) are affected by Area of Effect statuses like freeze and poison.
  13. The sailors in Dragon's Jewel can be affected by area Damage/Root/Slow effects.
  14. The Arcane Ability of both Misty and Ironbite also zero the stun immunity duration (PvP areas).
  15. Archon Rings with an armor bonus give 94-98 extra armor regardless of the actual armor display stat.
  16. The shield on the Ashral/Wraith Heart boss doesn't drop sometimes.
  17. The meteorites' craters are invisible in the Arcanum Grounds map but still do poison damage.
  18. If you stash your Upgraded Mythic Armor set and unstash it using any toon of the same account, that toon earns the achievement "Acquired Restored Heroes Armor" and gains the title: "The Hero Of Legend".
  19. Using the (Tindirin expansion) fire-oriented legendary bow's or gun's uncharged normal attack combined with certain pets' AoE passives often results in mobs or bosses immobilized and frozen at zero HP.
  20. Arachna's coocoons reward EXP every time one disintegrates - up to L46.
  21. At the Elite Undim Fields, sometimes there are more than a single elite boss (Captain Kromm) spawns.
  22. At the Elite Ydra Forest, the witch around the middle of the map previous to the bridge has normal stats instead of elite.
  23. All of the unnamed NPC's are targettable at the basement of Stronghold town, Nordr.
  24. Mobs in Elite Lost Mage's Mine do not deal any damage to the player while they should be.
  25. Kraag Canons can be fired even after death through spacebar (Chrome) if you get blasted in proximity or against a closeby wall.
  26. Arachna's attacking animation will often continue looping after death if killed while she's charging her short-range bite attack (red zone).

  1. The quest helper on the top right corner does not always remember the quest you tap on when you close and reopen it and that is causing mixed up or blank description pages.
  2. Arachna's poison pools now have a red center just like Bloodgrub's. Also, both them and Nilbog's AA show red visuals as they disintegrate instead of green.
  3. The initial confirmation pop-up window in Trade is overlapping with the gear & crafts slots.
  4. In Social Options, "Invite All to Party on HUD" re-enables itself (after it's unchecked) when you exit or force close the app for some users.
  5. Occassionally, when you switch to another character of the same account, the friend list stays the same.
  6. At the left turn at normal Ydra Forest where you find the way to Garetta, if you keep going past the teleport you will reach a closed cut off black area of the map.
  7. When you remove a name from the ignore list, several names (most often not the one you removed) disappear instead of just one until you log out and log back in.
  8. Every time you are frozen or panicked/terrified/pushed & stunned while you're walking in one direction and you keep the movement pad/keys held down, when you're finally free you'll be running around in weapon-less stance until you stop.
  9. The blue vortex over the teleporter at the second and third Ren'Gol maps' beginning (and at third Shuyal map's beginning) is floating higher above ground than it should be.
  10. The lighting visual effect from Rogue's upgraded L36 mythic helmet is missing.
  11. The Goblin vanity mask (event reward) overlaps with almost every helmet.
  12. Sorcerer helmets from S1-2 named "Blessed Mantle/Elemental Hat" that have two horns are overlapping any helm vanity.
  13. Unequipping an item with paracelsus gem when having two or more items with those gems on them, makes the visual effect and the damage bonus disappear.
  14. The Beastmasters in all towns can be taunted by Horn of Renew and Windmill. Also, every single named NPC inside any map is taunted by the initial Windmill spin.
  15. The beacon statues which remove enemy invulnerability shields in the Shuyal expansion (and other inanimate objects) are affected by the demon dog's AoE damage buff.
  16. The direction-helping arrows from the first quest in game keep appearing when accepting/turning in daily Story Quests and/or the Reignbow Collection daily (from Tavern Keeper). To repeat the effect, you have to re-interact with Johan's laid-down body. Seescreenshot.
  17. There is no exclamation mark or notification pop-up in the post-login screen for the Daily Story quest being ready.
  18. If you don't rename a pet, others won't be able to view its name (as if the player you're inspecting has left the area).
  19. The name in the description of the new Ancient Planar Pendant recipe is in red font instead of orange.
  20. Sometimes joining/trading a party member in the same area is impossible through the pop-up menu when you click on their names but you can trade with them through inspecting them and join them through Social tab.
  21. In Sir Spendsalot's vanity vendor in Kraag, the purchasable items' font color is pink instead of light blue in the menu.
  22. If you click on the "X of your friends is online" Alert from the box on the top right corner and that friend goes offline or changes area shortly afterwards, the pop-up box that was brought up disappears from your screen instantly BUT, the next time any other friend logs in, the huge pop-up box is brought up again covering your screen without pressing anything - can be frustrating and confusing.
  23. Re-enabling the Sound option when it's off doesn't trigger the sound and music back on in Chrome.

  1. The Goblin Altars don't show up in the minimap.
  2. The NPC's at the center of Littleridge Refugee Camp can trigger traps.

  1. Arachna's EXP rewarding pools and everlasting web coocoons have returned.

  1. Killing the Frost Fiend inside any Story quest instance results in no tokens dropped.
  2. Dying and respawning at the start of the Winter Event map when facing the three frozen warriors as boss causes them to spawn again but this time killing them doesn't yield points nor loot.

  1. Little Bear's stats in the token vendor are not the same as in Stable.
  2. Purchasing the rogue Crimson Monarch set from the token vendor as a warrior only gives you the dress without the circlet.
  3. Purchasing Little Bear from the token vendor while already having the pet in your stable results in losing 500 token since the purchase is incorrectly not being halted with the "You already have this pet in your stable." message.
  4. All three classes are getting the "Blood Sash" epic belts with different suffixes from the ones seen in the token vendor. In addition, it doesn't show stats.

  1. The count of the Halloween event bosses killed in the top of the screen is inaccurate since it counts a boss kill only if you were the one to deliver the finishing blow.

Incoming fixes on:

  • Debuffs taking precedence over same type buffs and completely overriding them regardless of which is larger or which was applied first.

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