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Forest Haven Crafting Guide - L.5 & L.15

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Ever wanted to know where to craft forest haven items? But it doesnt let you?

Well this is the right guide for you! ( or at least thats what i think )
Below this text, there will be steps of how to be able to craft with Burke the Blacksmith.

Bennu The Trader
Okay, so! Once you log in, click on World Map, it should be on the top of your screen. Enter the first towne, which is forest haven, once you are there, look for Bennu The Trade. He should have either a "!" or a "?" floating on top of his head. Click on that and your journey starts from there.

Levels / Maps
Bennu The Trader will ask you to go on a very HARD mission.. ( -.-" )
You must FINISH and UNLOCK all of the Forest Haven maps or levels, or whatever you call it.

Go to Forest Haven and talk to Bennu the Trader. Complete his line of quests and come back to Forest Haven

Craft To Your Hearts Extent
Whe you have finished your journey of killing trolololololols ahem sorry your journey of killing trolls, mercenaries, and zombies, you can access many daily crafting quests from burke the blacksmith.
You cant do too many of burkes quests every day, because you know, everyone runs out of stock xD

Hope this guide helps, or made things more clear for you.

Thanks for checking out this thread, this took a while to make especially when i put effort in making the steps as specific as possible.

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