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Start PvPing Low Level NOW!!!

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This thread is an advertisement for those players who used to do, or do not PvP at a low level.

Being a low level means a lot, it isn't like you have an unlimited amount of mana because of your high regeneration due to the variety of items to use while being an endgame PvPer and an over powered amount of hp regeneration.

As a low level, there aren't lots of items to use apart from over powered noob gear like the L1 rhino deafult war hammer item ( if anyone agrees ). It may be more strategic because you do not have lots of skill points to spend on your skills.

In PvP, although you would think there isn't much to do and much gear to use, there is still the platinum store which the kind game creators made for a reason, it isn't only all about buying vanities and making yourself look like zeus with the O.C.D vanities. Many players buy item packs, I'm one of them. These item packs are very useful during pvp, i use most of the items from the item packs for regeneration sets, the rest would be for actual PvP gear

Having at least 10 HP renegeration as a bear, bird, or fox is very, very, very , very good, but as an endgame PvPer having 30 HP regeneration isnt a big deal because you get nuked so easily! Where is the fun in that? Tell me in the comments section why its fun, other than being able to 1 shot death farmers to become number 1 on the leaderboard for ctf and or arena.

Its the same with mana regeneration. 10 is heaps if you're a class other than a mage and rhino because if you havent noticed all your higher up leveled PvPers who do not care about mana regeneration or mana pools, because of their over powered regeneration, their mana pool is 600+, but the ranger/fox is different, it has a 500 health pool and 500 mana pool. The reason why 10 mana regeneration is heaps particluary as a bear or bird is because their mana pool is 400 and 10 per second is very fast and your mana bar underneath your hit point bar will appear to fill up very quickly, whereas having a 600 mana pool, it will appear to fill up slowly. But don't worry you're still getting the same amount of mana per second.

If you've decided to PvP with us, feel free to ask me any questions about low level PvP, I'll answer what I can and happy Twinkling xD.

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