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I am Communion

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To all those fellow twinks out there.

Guys... I am not the L17 rhino that goes by the name of "Zillionareee" meaning I am also not the master of the guild <L 17>.

Sorry for all those who misunderstood and told me information meant to only be for Zillionareee.

I, myself have no idea how this rumour started.

I don't know what this messge was about but someone in PvP privated messaged me saying Something about disbanning a guild. Heres what the conversation was like.

"I delete your guild for you" (Player)

"What" (Me)

"You are zill, right?" (Player)

"Yes" (Me)

"I delete LIMITED EDITION guild like you said to do"

I had to say "Yes" when he asked if i was Zillionareee, because when he said "I delete your guild for you" I actually thought he was reffering to one of mine, but I'm sure that wasn't what started the rumour, because he asked me before I said yes, so where did he get the idea that I'm Zillionareee from?

If anyone has any clue of how this stared, please tell me.

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