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For all those blaming STS for the money scam websites

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you can't just stop random people from making an could be an innocent person or a never know what's going on in someone's mind.

These people program bots to make accounts with random info and just spam the same message everywhere it's all programmed on what to click to go ahead and once they have reached the destination they start spamming and when they get banned by support they make another account and start all over again.

You know what it's even worse then gold scam, it's money scam. Remember AL's server cannot be hacked for the npc to give you any gold.

They tried Removing the website but it starts all over and it's not just arcane legends this goes on in many games.

The developers have to track all the scammers and ban them individually while the scammers just have to do simple stuff (simpler then developers)

You see that code's because www and . C0m are CENSORED in some games...that message is being spammed in many games.
With people posting the ss here rather then sending them to support they are not getting booted to the support

So...stop criticising STS they are an awesome company just visit their (scam) website and you will know what I am talking about...
Even the website has changed from gkpla.... To something new.

Source:: my knowledge and some common sense


Well the thing is no one can stop it..every individual has a right to do whatever they want to and so no one can stop them from creating multiple websites. Even if they try to sue them that would take time and anyways there aren't just one website there are many.... So there's practically no end to it.

All we can do is report any of them we see maybe we can save a person or two from the scam.

And there are grown up people falling for the scam as its like awesome to the eyes.... One thing they can do is write that message in your menu like they used to earlier...and there should be an option to report them in the game rather than sending a mail as many would be lazy to start the game again.

That's a fact.

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