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Flawed judgement?

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It's basically like this: A l80 bird rushes a l75, somebody acusses him/her of rushing and threatens to hunt. Do u see what is wrong with this? They're doing the exact same thing to the rusher, that the rusher did.
Not really, at least in some ppls mind, what you did is "worse". Not my opinion which is why the quotes are there.

You admit this guy was under geared and 5 levels lower giving you a good advantage and he can't have much of a ring. It's like you saw a nerdy scrawny freshman, knew he didn't have a chance, and then after he admits you'd whoop him- that you beat him up to prove him right.
some non nerd near you feels good about protecting the little kid, and decides to show you that unthinking violence isn't fair, and the way he's gonna show you beating up smaller ppl is wrong is to beat you up.

Or to paraphrase;
"Lol @ pvp"
i dont think ive blogged in the longest time; but this is too accurate, thx sue

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