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Itemization and Ultra Rare Vanity Items in Star Legends

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Letís talk items! A big part of putting together new levels involves the creation of new items that players get as they level up. Our Design Team has learned a lot from developing [I]Pocket Legends[/I]. The items you will find in [I]Star Legends[/I] benefit from that wisdom and follow a progression path that leaves a lot of room for growth. There is a lot of growing that the game will do as the different Chronicles reveal through the course of [I]Star Legendís[/I] ongoing development.

Today's launch of [I]Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles[/I] includes content to take players from level 21 to 25 (26 for the hardcore) and include a progression of new items to get you there. Many of the very best items that a player can obtain will drop from the end bosses of the ultimate areas. For Numa Prime, hereís a look at some nifty Operative Pistols:


In addition to the progression of weapons and armor you can obtain, there are also three ultra-rare vanity items to be had. We donít want to spoil the hunt for these, so weíll just throw this out there:


Load your excursion suit, check your ammo packs and weíll see you on the surface of Numa Prime!

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  1. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    i have already on my apple account sobs no i dont
  2. NoseToNose's Avatar
    I'm trying to find them Sam its not easy, though I was first to get to level 26 for both engineer class and all around. It wasn't easy, and my plat has suffered so maybe throw a brother a vanity helm? Hehe
    -Scotty (First Level 26 Full Release Wide)
  3. Nick41324's Avatar
    is it a floating apple icon?? :) btw, Sam, why do u have a android outfit and not a apple outfit?!?
  4. NoseToNose's Avatar
    It's because Apple sucks
  5. Nick41324's Avatar
    I can agree with u on that one haha
  6. Antonio10231's Avatar
    I want vanity items
  7. ThisGuy0502's Avatar
    Hmmmmm i wonder what the Sumggulers beta and beyond sniper rifle is
  8. Monster hong's Avatar
    no daily deal on iphone
  9. Cahaun's Avatar
    Sam is the android?