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Trusting is gambling

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with ARCANE LEGENDS since this is played by real people and you can actually make friends in game

have fun, laughs, companion, love almost everything

and of course out of all of those, TRUST comes above of it all...

now can you really trust a player??
YES-- but you have to set boundaries, trust your instinct and hope for the best lol

you can never be too gullible like me i have a lot friends.. I can't help it im too friendly...

i help a lot, gold pets and run maps but the sad part is they will take advantage of you when you are too nice...

and if you continue to be gullible... they will do it over and over and over again.

just wanna share this so everyone can learn a lesson from me...

I've been playing for a year and 2 months-ishh and during my noobie days I am seriously a noob haha

like can't pick the right armor clueless about events don't know where to go.. but i met a player who helped me be on the right track in game. I am very much thankful for that from the bottom of my heart.

when i reached lvl41 i learned how to farm, merch ( a bit) and hoard

and i was saving gold for the expansions to come

he stopped playing the game, been gone for a while and when he came back he said that he wanted to start over so i gave him gold so he can be back on track... i was happy to help him because that is my way of saying thank you

now we both reached 46 had enough gold to buy a new arc pet but still lacks a couple of millions

now he went online and since we missed each other we just chatted for a while and i told him about my plan of buying a new pet. He was happy for me since I've gone a long way... and he said he would help me since he was really good with buying things cheaper i trusted him and since i have work i can't be online during that time so i gave him my gold MY SAVINGS.

and POOF... same with the dup eggs he was gone... ign is no longer on my list sent him some emails CHARACTER NOT FOUND.

I was disappointed not because of the fact that i lost my all of gold but the fact that he betrayed me...T.T

just for 4 million he betrayed my trust.
I tried to see if i could understand him but i can't believe it still.

so now lesson learned.

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Updated 02-08-2017 at 05:10 PM by princessraia



  1. wangkj's Avatar
    Scammers here and there. how teribble
  2. princessraia's Avatar
    true that.. so i learned my lesson lol ahahaha
  3. Schnitzel's Avatar
    Did this happen just today?
    You can never be too trustful of anyone on the internet.
    Not everyone will be who they appear to be

    And remember, you've always got friends who can help you get back on your feet
    We're your friends, we can always help you farm and earn back the gold you lost
  4. princessraia's Avatar
    awww ty ruizhe that is why i've been a little too serious lately, this actually happened when 2x orc fang was in place i just realized i was scammed during the dup fiasco...

    i was scrolling on my friends list and realize his ign is no longer there i thought it was a glitch so i checked my other toon but his ign is gone so i asked my brother and some of my guildies but his ign was gone so he must have changed ign or something...

    i feel bad about what happened but not just with the gold co'z gold can be farmed but i just can't believe our friendship was only worth 4m to just throw away lol...

    if he had asked nicely.. and he was really in need of that gold the SNS can wait.. I am willing to just let him borrow the gold after all i wouldn't be where I am if he did not help me...

    he did not just stabbed me in the back, he tricked me and just move forward... that sucks lol

    good thing i was needed in PVP by my brother or else my ring, arc daggs and my lepre... ( god why am i so gullible lol)

    Im really happy my brother and I contradicts each other now i get daily speech from my brother of how gullible I am and i should learn my lesson lol

    anyways lesson learned lol
  5. wangkj's Avatar
    lol Im pretty gullible too. I lent literally all my legendary gear and gold to a "friend" when I started playing this game.
  6. ForgottenWarrior's Avatar
    I can understand betrayal is heart breaking experience.
  7. princessraia's Avatar
    it is :'( but he decide to turn his back on that is his call...