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How i manage to survive arcane legends ( end game edition)

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I'm no end game expert but the tips that i got from multiple players that i run with helped me survived in the game:

TIP 1:
being an end game toon you have to know what you need to prioritize me personally i buy a lot of vanities and that is a waste of gold lol

first find the right gear and start with a good pet for starters i literally enjoyed august (free egg in /promo amazon) because he provides mana regen which i find beneficial for running tombs or go for cerella for health regen.

set a goal because if you buy without direction you will just end up with useless junks on your inventory

i started with a pet then a weapon then helm, armor, ring and pendant. and slowly by focusing on one item at a time you will see improvement in your character don't feel frustrated if you can't buy them all at once because everything starts form small


one of the biggest question most people ask me is how do you manage to farm, work and help out guildies all at the same time.. answer ( time management) as a guild member or officer your job is to earn aps ( achievement points) for the guild rank and and to do that you need to finish maps, now elite maps is never easy ( considering your just starting your journey as an end game toon) but if you know how to help others then others won't hesitate in helping you
now what i usually do is i set a specific time for farming let's just say 1 hour per day and my goal is to get let's just say at least 6-8locks on that hour so that if you do your math

if you spend let's say 11k on one 30mins luck elixir

that is gonna be 2*11000=22K
so check on lock price if your gonna get let say 7locks minimum 10locks max and the locks cost 5.5K-6.5k multiply to the number of locks
5.5K*7locks=38.5k that is 16.5k profit
6.5K*7locks=45.5K that is 23.5k profit

*so be mindful of the pricing before you sell it*
SO 16.5K per day is a big amount just be mindful of what you buy as well.

so if you have free time then add more time in farming and i you feel bored in farming then look for a party and join to run maps, elites or quest. because by helping you are also helping yourself.

im not a pro merch and im too gullible to merch ahaha so i stick with the consignment shop for everything.
If you save up enough gold and the gold is just sitting in your stasg you can also consider merching *but be aware of the inflation and deflation of the price so atleast you can earn profit and not the other around*

for example:
most commonly sought after items:

these are stuff that are consumable and with the word "consumable" that means it will always be in demand.

so i would suggest that you keep an eye on the deflation and inflation rate of the items and if you know that you are not in need to spend your gold yet i would suggest in investing it on something that you can hoard (meaning: a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded.)

because these items there prices inflate on a specific event for example ELIXIRS... since these are consumable if the demand is low but the stocks are high the tendency for some players is to sell it for a low price. your job to earn gold is to keep a keen eye on the price because items like this they inflate in price either 2k or 3k in price

for example right now its only 11k-12k each but once the event starts price will infalte and the demand will be high so price can go up to 15k-16k so that is and instant 4k-5K profit so if you hoarded at least 10-15 of these so your looking at 40k-60k profit (but i don't suggest this all the time specially if you have all the time in the world to farm just use your elix it will go a long way lol)

making twinks or another class end game is pretty costly so make sure that you have enough savings before you advance to this step or else you will end up with another poor toon on your account.

there you have it. this is not something extra ordinary but i hope it helps

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