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Details about the per-game Platinum decision

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When we originally conceived of multiple game titles that share a single account, we also planned to have our in-game currency work across all of our games. We very much wanted this convenience for our players, and had every intention of carrying through on this. These systems are extremely popular and many gamers enjoy them in the PC and console gaming world through companies like Valve, Sony Online Entertainment, NCsoft, and many more. We thought that this was possible in the Mobile world as well.

While our second Legends app (Star Legends) was in the approval process across multiple storefronts, a specific platformís App Store interpreted their terms of service to not allow this activity.

Their terms of service have been subject to interpretation before and have been known to change without notice to developers. When we made the original announcement about shared accounts and currency we had every indication that a universal currency was possible.

In order for Star Legends to be available to players on multiple platforms, our Platinum has to be game specific. This was not our hope for Spacetime players. We developed Star Legends with every intention of our currency being usable universally across our gaming ecosystem to extend the value of a playerís purchase. We are very disappointed that it was not the case as this is obviously a feature game players desire.

Consequently, we have tried very hard to make amends with the players who purchased Platinum with that feature in mind. As a result of the current interpretation of policies and a need to set things right with our players, we granted in excess of 1.5 million platinum to players who had purchased platinum after we had made our single-currency announcement. This is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of platinum that we decided to grant in order to rectify the situation.

We know we would not be anywhere without the loyal fans who play our games, and we very much appreciate their support and understanding.

- g

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