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The Mother of All Reinventions

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Been a while. Tried a few more games but everything slid off like... off a hot buttered pan. Spliced a couple of new ones up for Youtube but never uploaded. MMO burnout is real.

Somewhere in the backdrop within the few years, Konami drops Kojima harder than the bass on some ubiquitous Armin van Buuren track. Square EA's soon follows. Then another Japanese dev gets dropped. Then the Danish team for Hitman. And then and then and then. Crickes. Been watching as all the big gaming companies slowly get restructured by the suits. In comes too many shareholders with too many other agendas. What started as something "by nerds for nerds" gets slowly ground through a foodwaste compactor over the years and Frankenstein'd into obscene moneymaking machines to stay afloat. Starts looking suspiciously like a human centipede experiment. Holy micropayment systems and endless bloated patches.

It's not all a bad story tho. It's a good story. Because it forced the inventors to reinvent themselves. All those Japanese devs left to start indie teams. Good, coz... have you ever seen a Japanese work contract? Slave terms, man. And Singaporean work contracts - lol. They own your a**. Australia's still white Australia, you'll get the contract - as the tea lady. Kinda like the fate of office ladies in Japan. But it's not all roses even for the best male content creators in Japan - even the best of them was stopped from collecting the award they won, just like how one entire Arcane Legends Season's timed run results wasn't published when one minority of players made enough noise (oh, wait... ). Konami gets booed. Artist leaves. If we never get pressed to the ground, we never get fed up enough to leave and start something we want to see. That's the reality.

I saw some profit stats recently. Sobering. One of the Japanese giants derives ~80% of its profits from mobile gaming. Literally, they can earn heaps more from casual gamers with micropayment-drenched games that suck vs. an amazing bestselling game for discerning gamers. Ouch. The stats don't lie. But something's been shifting. Like I said, MMO burnout is real. And it's not just me. Saw some upcoming games for 2019, grinned. Singleplayer offline games making a comeback. It doesn't mean I'll get back in though. It's not just games that have been changing in this manner, there's an undercurrent that cuts across all sorts of industries. And I've been riding the waves. I've been quiet, and that means I've been covering ground.

I've just started making films. For serious. It's a great change from being in front of camera, and I didn't have to burn years to get indoctrina.. I mean educated, educated. Got picked up one day and tumbled in sofast like Alice down the rabbit hole like wtf. Director remembered my gaming videos, gave me a little test run with mobile technology. I put a rig together, hybrid of consumer mobile and pro film gear; seems like I got a knack for that kind of improv. Gave them the test footage. The post-production guys said they were impressed. Guess that's somethin', considering they have some respectable Hollywood titles under their belt. I'm being roped in to collab on a doco, so we'll see.

The director was curious about the stories behind the gaming vids, so at some point I gave him the full story about the guilds I ran here in Arcane Legends and on the whole saga, falling out over invisible landmines of tribal and cultural differences/bias. The old "who is allowed to win" biscuit. He's European, but totally "got" it. He ased to see my guild manifesto, lol~ One of his books describes some similar narratives. The world is more similar than we tend to think. He encourages me to write mine. Says there's an important story in it. He's very encouraging.

In the meantime, it seems the more and more resources I get access to the more I want to keep things simple and uncomplicated. Toss out the old, keep the things that matter. Keep discovering and creating from a space of infinite potential. Maybe that's evolution, in a nutshell. But at the same time, I'm still that girl who grew up playing video games and collecting Predator comics (no, seriously - oh and the latest movie was not too bad). Paradoxes. Gotta love it.

oh yeah. Today I just realised some Indian dude used my old gaming email address to make a FB page (I have one fb gaming page, just not this one). It took me only 7 years to realise that. LOL~ talk about forgotten email adds and busy lives. Anyway I wrote to FB and they fixed it right up. Ditched the (long time ago) for a more net-neutral one. Nothin's getting in my way. And may the feather fleas of a thousand chocobo herds infest the nether regions of any misguided soul who tries. xD

- True 13/11/18

edit : for clarity

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