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Glass Hole into the Oriverse

Over Twelve Attoseconds of Love

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Dear Loyal Friends, and also to my Fans,

Thank u for being here with me. I've got a lot of PMs over time about whether I will make more gaming videos on my channel . The answer is yes, I will.

If you're reading this - we may never have met, but perhaps something about my work/videos resonates with you. Somehow, our passions, our dreams, our memories connect us across space and time, and somehow that old familiarity gives us a sense that our lives - no matter how distant or separate - are intertwined in that we are on the same journey. You can always count on me to be there in a sense, a presence that reminds you to look within and remember what's real and what's important to you in this crazy world.

I would like to ask that we help each other on this journey; If I or my videos have ever made any kind of difference to your day, please consider taking a minute to speak out for me, anytime you see an injustice being done/said to me on chats, forums or in-game. Unfortunately I have allowed it to slide for 2.5 years and it has gotten very bad - so, no more. This is partially my fault for not wanting to create more conflict and drama, but avoidance has never worked and I see now it's not the way. I will continue to step up to the challenge and be unafraid to reveal who I truly am, from hereon in. I am who I say I am. I am the one in the pictures, I am the piercing intellect and iron-fist-in-velvet-glove punch in my writings. You can't always protect people from themselves. In wanting to be kind to others, you cannot be unkind to yourself or allow it of others. This is the first time I'm speaking up about this in 2.5 years, having publicly called the person out yesterday, so you know it must have gotten very bad.

This is where you come in. Your voice - the public's voice - can make a real difference to me. Just like in my videos, I may not always be there at that moment to make a stand when grave accusations are made against me - but who knows, you may just happen to be there. Please, let these people know that their behaviour is unacceptable and their speculations incorrect. If they genuinely wanted to know more about how I play, they would ask - you know me, I am always open and gregarious. In this way, I hope you can be there for me in the same way I have been here for you by sharing my life's passion, my heart and soul, with you in these videos. Know that I love you all very dearly, and will continue to give of myself as freely as is energetically viable/sustainable for me. I look forward to enjoying heaps more meaningful memories with you.

Thanks for reading, live courageously, and party on

TrueOrigin aka Meryl. xox

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