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Originally Posted by DocDoBig View Post
Forum Titles as a complete List
By DocDoBig

Well, I thought it's time to have a compact official guide-list about all titles that appear here on the forums,
I sorted this list by
Spacetime Development Titles,
Titles depending on forum posts count,
Special Titles,
Miscellaneous Titles.

Spacetime Development Titles

These titles are not some random titles, no, these titles may only users wear that actual work for Spacetime Games.

1) Administrator

An Administrator (short: "Admin") manage the technical details required for running the site, manage the rules, create sections and sub-sections as well as many other things.
There are not many Administrators on the forums the most well-known user is probably Spacetime Games who posted among other things the Terms of Services of the _L games.

Name: Administrator.jpg
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Size: 12.1 KB

I am saving this for easier find

2) Admin and Community Guy

This unique title belongs/ belonged to the Director of Community Samhayne before he became the Franchise manager of STG a few weeks ago,
I think the title is pretty much self-explanatory about hanging with the community.

The new Community Moderator Remiem will probably have this title soon. (Hopefully )

Name: Admin and Community Guy.jpg
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Size: 7.5 KB

3) CTO

CTO is short for Chief Technical Officer or Chief Technology Officer

CTO is an executive position in a company or other entity whose occupant is focused on scientific and technological issues within an organization.

This title belongs to Developer asommers:

Name: CTO.jpg
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4) Design Department

This title belongs to Developer Cinco, he is the Chief-artwork designer in Spacetime.

Name: DesignD.jpg
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5) Dev

This really special title belong to the Spacetime CEO (chief executive officer) JustG
The chief executive officer is the highest-ranking corporate officer of a company, with other words -G is the boss of Spacetime.

Name: Dev.jpg
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6) Legends Team Producer

Samhaynes new title for the new franchise project.

Name: LTP.jpg
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7) Moderator

A moderator (short: "Mod") is a user of the forum who is granted access to the posts and threads of all members for the purpose of moderating discussion and also keeping the forum clean (neutralizing spam and spambots etc.)

You won’t see this title often on the forums, the possibly only moderator (beside Super Moderators) is RedStapler.

Name: moderator.jpg
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8) Spacetime Studios Dev

(Dev is short for Developer)

This title may only the employers of Spacetime have, if you see someone on forums wearing this title, you can be sure that this user is working for STG.

Well known Devs are Carapace or Swede for example.

Name: Carapace.jpg
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Size: 11.8 KB Name: Swede.jpg
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You can see a list of all STG Developers here

9) Super Moderator

Check the description of Moderator above, well Super Moderator is something like an executive Moderator.
Well known Super Moderators on the forums are of course Delphina and KahunaJake:

Name: Delphina.jpg
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Size: 10.8 KB Name: Jake.jpg
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Size: 11.6 KB

Titles depending on forum posts count

Pretty much self-explanatory, the more posts you have the higher chances you have one of the titles below.

Here the official thread regarding them

10) New Member

The first title you have, when you registered for the forums.
Requirements 0 posts.

11) Junior Member

Requirements 10 posts

Now you are able to send private messages.

(Before you needed 30 posts!)

12) Member

Requirements 50 posts

13) Forum Adept

Requirements 250 posts

14) Senior Member

Requirements 500 posts


This titles is a little Gimmick on the forums.
ELITE is only for 1337 posts (if you are related with leetspeak, you know that the number 1337 stands for LEET which is just short for ELITE)

Important: ELITE is only for 1337 posts, once you get to 1338 posts it goes back to Senior Member

Name: 1337.jpg
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Size: 7.7 KB

16) Luminary Poster

Requirements 5,000 posts

17) Forum Legend

And the last one - Requirements are crazy 10,000 posts!

Only Zeus, Mysticaldream and since lately myself have this title and are actually beyond the Requirements, yet.

Name: Forum Legends.jpg
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Size: 9.1 KB

Special Titles
(For Special Services)

18) Ambassador of Alterra
(Short: „AoA“)

Name: aoa.PNG
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Size: 13.1 KB

For clarification – Alterra is the world name of PL.

The Ambassador program during 2011-2012 was for experienced players who like to spend some time helping out new people to the game the Main goal was to greet and guide new players – to be their first friend in Alterra and help them get started on their journey.

Here the official thread of them:



Sadly the AoA program has been shut down in late 2012, here the officially thread regarding that

Well known AoA’s would be Bilaxman and Vildax – these guys are still helpful even though the program has been shut down!

19) Ambassador of Blackstar
(Short: „AoB“)

Name: aob.jpg
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Size: 7.5 KB

The clone of AoA. – Just for Star Legends.

Same as AoA, the AoB program has been shut down in late 2012, here the officially thread regarding that

20) Ambassador of Carvina
(Short: „AoC“)

Name: aoc.jpg
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Size: 7.2 KB

The clone of AoA and AoB. – Just for Dark Legends.

Here the official thread of it.

Same as AoA, and AoB, the AoC program has been shut down in late 2012, here the official thread regarding that

21) Chronicler of Alterra
(Short: “CoA”)

Name: Chronicalers.jpg
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Size: 5.0 KB

This title is pretty unique, many people do not even know that these exist.

For clarification – Alterra is the world name of PL

This title was a way to say thanks to some great users who’ve helped out with things here on the forums and on the web as for example creating Wikipedia pages back in 2011.

Here the official thread

Name: chroni2.jpg
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Size: 12.2 KB

Users like Conradin do still have this title.

Unfortunately, Forumers who were awarded this title and are still wearing it may still wear it.
However, it was sadly removed to save forums space. So, if you take it off, you may not wear it again.

22) Guardian of Alterra
(Short: “GoA”)

Name: goa1.jpg
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Size: 6.0 KB Name: goa2.jpg
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Size: 6.7 KB

For clarification – Alterra is the world name of PL

This title is indeed, super special!
The Guardian program during 2011-2012 was for players of Pocket Legends and contributing members of the forum community that have distinguished themselves as a valuable player to both Spacetime Studios and to other Pocket Legends players.

Guardians were selected by the staff of Spacetime Studios and have generally contributed to the play community, you couldn’t become a Guardian of Alterra for just simply asking or apply for. It was given to those who did good stuff without expecting recognition.

Check the official thread regarding this

Sadly the GoA program has been shut down in late 2012

Known users with this title are of course Zeus and Mysticaldream.

Name: myst.jpg
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Size: 11.6 KB

23) Star Guard
(Short: “SG”)

Name: sg.jpg
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Size: 6.6 KB

The clone of the GoA program just for Star Legends , not less special though!

Here the official thread regarding that.

Sadly the SG program has been (together with the GoA) shut down in late 2012

Known users with this title is of course octavos

Name: oct.jpg
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24) Tournament & Ladder Leader

A pretty long title, only for those who spend their time to host GREAT PvP tournaments on the games.

Here a guide how you could become one

About the tournaments, here is the official website regarding them:

Known Tournament & Ladder Leader would be XghostzX and Bilaxman.

Name: bilax.jpg
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Size: 12.3 KB

Special Titles
(From Contests)

These three titles are SUPER unique, only one of each are on the forums.

25) Da Bear!

Name: dabear.jpg
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Size: 10.5 KB

You could receive this special title in the Pocket Legends Balefort Sewers Bear Duel PvP Tournament hosted by Ellyidol

Here is the thread regarding this tournament

The First Prize was: 100 Platinum and a forum title of "Da Bear"

Winner of this event was Hahahahabirdy.

26) Fastronaut

Name: fastro.jpg
Views: 90
Size: 11.3 KB

You could receive this special title in the Star Legends “Star Legends Contest! Numa Speedway!” Event hosted by Ebalere

Here is the thread regarding this tournament

The First Prize was: a Mechanical Man Helm, worth +200k, 30,000 credits, and the title "Fastronaut" as your custom forum rank!

Winner of this event was Nightarcher.

27) The Doppelgänger
(Literally a "double goer" it is a double of a living person.)

Name: doppel.jpg
Views: 89
Size: 12.1 KB

You could receive this special title in the Pocket Legends “Doppleganger Screenshot COMPETITION” Event hosted by Redbridge

Here are the thread regarding this tournament:

and this

The First Prize was: New forum status awarded 'The Doppelgänger' - 305k + 10k fee returned - 20 platinum

Winner of this event was WoundedEagle.


28) Banned

Pretty much self-explanatory, people who do not follow the Forum Rules receive this “title”.


Name: bdb.jpg
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Size: 6.4 KB

A rather strange title indeed, but it is the voluntary made up website for Battle Dragons to create bases in a preview mode and many great things more.

The website is purely awesome check it out if you like.

Creator of this website is user Neggs.

Official thread on the forums here.

30) Blogger

A title specifically for Forum Bloggers.

This one is basically obtainable for everyone.
Go to Settings on the upper right corner and look for "permission groups" on the left side. You have to be on PC.

I myself am using this title for quite a while, yet. Though I do not have any Blogs.

31) Girl Gamer

Name: GG.jpg
Views: 89
Size: 3.8 KB is something like a PR website for the Spacetime Games, they host events for AL or give out Promo Codes for DL during it's release.

H.b. Duran is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of may wear this super unique colored title here on the forums.

An example of a contest is here.

Original Poster: Docobig

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That’s it again, hope you like this list!

If you think this needs improvements, please let me know.

Big thanks to Bilaxman who gave me the images of the Ambassador Logos and the hints regarding the Girl Gamer and title.

Also many thanks to Zeus for clarifying about the Chroniclers of Alterra since there is so little official information regarding them on the forums.

Thanks to MM for pointing out an error.

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