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Tips & Tricks: The best weapon for level 15 Warriors

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When people think of the best weapon for level 15 warriors, they tend to think about Essentially Forgotten Bow. This has been the case ever since 2012 when they dropped from the Forgotten Event, but is it really the best weapon? We’ll find out!

When Forgotten Bow first released the damage from it was different from now. No weapon at the 15 bracket wasn’t even close to how good Forgotten Bow was, and everyone literally ran around with the bow. This was a lot of fun for the first weeks, but players got tired of one-hit and getting one-hitted. So they started to complain. And STS listened.

In an update, STS realised they had added an overpowered weapon to the game and wanted to get rid of it. So they decreased the damage and gave the bow an attractive sling price (you can still see the high selling price). During this time, many players sold their Forgotten Bows which made them more rare, but didn’t remove them completely from the game. There are still a lot of Forgotten Bows out there!

So what weapon can compare itself to the Forgotten Bow you ask? The answer is the Talon.

In my case, I use a pink level 15 Winter Fest Tinsel Talon. This is a very rare weapon dropped during the 2010 winter event, and if you want one, you’ll have to pay some million gold for it. I will cover the differences between Winter Fest Tinsel Talon and Jewel Thief’s Platinum Talon in a future post in this series.

The main skill for level 15 Warriors are Rage. Depending on what weapon you use, Rage will more or less double that damage. The fact that Rage increases the damage independently from weapon speed a low speed weapon will benefit more from this skill than a slower one. A constant damage will be higher the faster the weapon is. In the comparison between Forgotten Bow (0.9s) and Winter Fest Tinsel Talon (0.7s) the difference is 0.2 seconds in weapon speed.

People tend to look for the DPS while selecting weapon, but often forget that they have Rage active 100% of all fights. Or at least should have. When equipping Forgotten Bow, I have 121 DPS unburied. When I have Winter Fest Tinsel Talon equipped, my DPS is at 98 (see the screenshots below).

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But what happens when I activate Rage?

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As you can see, a difference of 23 DPS (121 - 98) decreased to 5 DPS (192 - 187) (!). With this in mind, the DPS is about the same, so what’s left to consider?

When you’re using the Winter Fest Tinsel Talon, you’ll also be able to equip a wing shield. In my case I use Gruesome Evidence Bracer which is the best shield for most level 15 twinks. That wing will give me an additional 4 DEX, 7 Armor, 3 Hit and 2 Crit. Overall, I think that stats prevail the damage difference since these are all important stats. You can see from the image above how the DEX (+4), Hit (+2), Crit (+3), Dodge (+1), H/s (+1) and Amor (+8) is higher with the Tinsel Talon and Gruesome Evidence Bracer equipped. And the difference is pretty high, at least when it comes to the amor.

I think many people forgets about DEX and how it increases skill damage. Even if the difference is only 4, the skill damage difference is a big deal. This is how it differs for me (skill rank in parenthesis):

Skill / Weapon Tinsel Talon Forgotten Bow
Stomp (5) 113-123 106-116
SMS (2) 79-113 71-106
CS (1) 75-83 67-75
As you can see from the table above, for every DEX increased, skill damage will increase by around 2. In my case, this changes the skill's damage by 6-11 % depending on skill base damage. That is a lot!

One other thing to take in consideration when comparing these weapons is that the Forgotten Bow can proc Blind Shot. On hit, the bow has about 25 % percent chance to decrease the enemy’s hit by 15 for 4 seconds (stackable twice). This means your hit will most likely will be 15 lower in a duel against a Forgotten Bow user, and in some cases even 30 lower. This can easily be countered by using Artisan's Reinforced Leather instead of Expert Reinforced Leather. That choice of gear trades 7 Hit for 7 Crit and 4 Armor for 4 DPS. It basically gives you both of the stats that is important against Forgotten Bow.

However, without the extra stats from the Gruesome Evidence Bracer, you are weaker against attackers and will take a large amount of damage. Therefore, my choice of weapon is always Winter Fest Tinsel Talon. In fights against other Warriors using Forgotten Bow, I seems to have an advantage over my opponent with this weapon.

TL;DR: Winter Fest Tinsel Talon is the best weapon for level 15 Warriors.

What’s you thoughts on this? Which weapon do you find to be the best? Let me know in the comments!

For more information and an in-depth guide of level 15 Warrior Twinks, read my guide; The ULTIMATE Level 15 Warrior Twink Guide.
For more useful tips and tricks, view all posts in my blog. You'll find it here: Caztori's PL Twink Blog.

Side notes:
  • If you’re having a Jewel Thief’s Platinum Talon instead, the outcome will be different since the DPS will be lower. Before I had a Winter Fest Tinsel Talon I preferred using Jewel Thief’s Platinum Talon against Forgotten Bow as well since I found it at least as good as Forgotten Bow.
  • There may be exceptions where Winter Fest Tinsel Talon is not the best weapon, especially against Enchantresses. When fighting Enchantresses, I find SBL to be the best weapon due to it’s possiblity to freeze the Enchantress and interrupt and/or complicates their kiting. Long range weapons (such as crossbows) could also be a better when you want to kite you opponents.

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  1. Burningdex's Avatar
    Nice! How does paw stack up for bears compared to those 2 weps? There is a guide on mechanics of str dex and int, i will dig it up for you, it goes into detail on how dex increases stats.

  2. Caztori's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Burningdex
    Nice! How does paw stack up for bears compared to those 2 weps? There is a guide on mechanics of str dex and int, i will dig it up for you, it goes into detail on how dex increases stats.

    I've answered you on your comment on my 15 warrior twink guide, but will make one here too since that makes sense. Especially for other people coming here and reads the comments.

    I've made a comparison of Platinum Talon vs. Paw here: Tips & Tricks: Why you NEVER should use Paw as a Warrior. I hope it answers to your questions