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Tips & Tricks: Why you NEVER should use Paw as a Warrior

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They where more common before, but I still see them sometimes. Paw Bears.

Paw Bears are basically a DEX Warrior using Fiendish Monkey’s Paw as their main weapon. On the paper, Paw is a great weapon (even the best for enchantresses), but when it comes to warriors, it could be dangerous to only look on the paper.

Name:  staff.png
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Size:  11.6 KB Friendish Monkey’s Paw
Base Req: Level 15, 5 Base Int
Zero wishes remaining…
54-76 Damage, 1.2 Speed, 8 Int, 2% Dodge, 3% Hit, 1% Crit, 3 Armor
But let’s start with the pros of Fiendish Monkey’s Paw. To be honest, it is only one, but it is a good one. Paw is one of the weapons with a secret proc on hit. It has about 10 % chance to proc Nightmare which will decrease the opponent’s armor by 25 and dodge by 10 for 8 seconds. On top of that it’s also stackable twice. This debuff is huge. The proc chance is however pretty low so you may not see a proc in every fight, and a double proc will be even more rare.

So what’s so bad about Paw that it makes is useless even if it has the best proc chance at this level?

There’s two reasons. It is a slow weapon and it requires 5 INT to be equipped. If you’re familiar with my other guides you probably already knows that I ofter talks about Rage versus weapon speed. Rage which is the main ability for Warriors should always be active during a fight and gives +60 damage. Since the damage is not affected by weapon speed, a faster weapon (lower weapon speed) will gain higher benefits from Rage when it comes to DPS.

Fiendish Monkey’s Paw has a weapon speed of 1.2. Compare this to the most common weapon for level 15 warriors which is Jewel Thief’s Platinum Talon with a weapon speed of 0.7. Even before Rage is active, the DPS with Paw is lower (90 DPS) that the Talon (91 DPS). You’ll have to despite the fact that Paw has higher Damage sine DPS is the more important stat. You can see the difference in the screenshots below.

Name:  talon_vs_paw_pre.jpg
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See how that 1 DPS difference just got bigger with Rage activated:

Name:  talon_vs_paw_post.jpg
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As you can see, the difference is now 40 DPS (!) after Rage is active. I think this speaks for it self.

On top of a difference in DPS, Paw also requires 5 INT to be equipped. This may not should like a lot but it really makes a difference. Warriors starts out with 1 INT and therefore you’ll need to sacrifice 4 DEX in order to get the INT needed (assuming that you are using full DEX build which you should). This loss of DEX will result in -1 Hit and -1 Crit. In my opinion, this is quite much, especially the loss of hit since that may be the best stat you could have.

So, this is the reasons why you NEVER should use a Paw as a level 15 warrior. But I have to admit - when Paw procs, you’ll have a high chance to win the fight, but who want’s to win one fight out of ten? I really hope this tip helped you out!

Are you using Paw? And in that case – why? What are your thoughts on Paw Bears? Let me know in the comments below!

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