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Tips & Tricks: The best item for level 15 twinks

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Update 2017-01-08: You can now buy Founder's Helm in the CS.

Which item is the best for level 15 twinks? Iíve thought of this for a while and actually came up with a winner. And on top of that Ė this item is the best for every class. I have to warn you though, this item is not possible to obtain if you donít already have it.

When you are looking for the best item, youíll have to look for an item that makes you better than your opponent. Many of the items in game (such as weapons or armor etc) could all be bought in CS which means any one could get the same gear as you, and be as good as you (when it comes down to gear at least). Therefore, the best item has to be unobtainable but at the same time give an advantage over other players.

At level 15, there is one such item. And that item is Founderís Helm. Founderís Helm was given out to players who created their account in April 2010 within the first month of Pocket Legendís release. Founderís Helm is a vanity helmet, but what makes it special is that it is the only vanity item at this level which gives you more stats than then normal +1 armor some vanity helmets has. Instead, this item gives +5 Armor and +5 Damage.

Name:  vanityhelmet.png
Views: 244
Size:  11.5 KB Founders' Helm
Base Req: Level 1
For being part of PL since the start!
5 Damage, 5 Armor
The design of Founderís Helm changes depending on which class are wearing it. For you who not know how Founderís Helm look - here is how it looks on respective class:

Name:  founders_helm_variants.jpg
Views: 283
Size:  106.4 KB

Due to the fact that this item was given out to players of the first month of PL, there is no way to get it for anyone who doesnít have it. This may disappoint some of the newer players who canít get as good gear as some others how hard they even try. Luckily for me I was one of these players who started to play early and that item makes it possible for me to have the best gear possible.

So if you have Founderís Helm on your account, send it over to your low level twinks and youíll be able to get the best geared twink in game!

And if you donít have one, but sees an opponent wearing one Ė you could almost be sure that player has an advantage by having higher stats than you. If this means you should be careful or just makes you more motivating to beat that player is up to you!

Which item do you think is the best for twinks? Let me know in the comments below!

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Updated 01-08-2017 at 06:31 AM by Caztori

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  1. Communion's Avatar

    However, I think the best item for a twink is War Hammer Level 1