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How the new Platinum prices will affect new level 15 twinks

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With the new Halloween 2016 update, STS decided to increase the prices in the Platinum Store. This is probably a try to increase the revenue from Pocket Legends which seems fine if we'll get more regular updates. But how will this affect us?

If you're like me and already having a level 15 twink fully geared, you won't be affected by this. But the update is a big problem for new level 15 twinks AND the low level PVP bracket.

Before the update, you could create a low level twink with just having to spend 20 Platinum. This would give you a 10 Platinum Face and a 10 Platinum ring, which actually is all you need if you're going for a "cheap" twink. After the update, these 20 Platinum is now 85 Platinum. The faces has still its old prices (which is great), but the rings has been increased to 75 Platinum. Thats an increment of 570%. And if you're going to buy the Platinum that's $11.98. How many people will be motivated to pay almost $12 for two low level items for a alternative twink in a mobile game?!

" The new prices are unrealistic

Peoples who do not just want to have the most necessary items, but want to be fully equipped will have to spend a fortune to be so. First of all you'll probably want some more rings to be able to optimise a specific stat. That's $9.99 per ring. And it will be worse for people who wants to have a H/s and M/s set. The best regen set is presented in my Level 15 Warrior Twink Guide and relies heavily on Platinum purchased gear.

The first two items - Sniperís Archery Cap and Sniper's Avian Wing are bought from the Level 10 Archer 4-Pack. After the update these are 200 Platinum (about $30). These packs comes with two types of gear where Sniper's is the better and more rare version. This means you are not guaranteed to get the Sniper's items in a pack. And the chance is even lower to get both of the items in the same pack. If you are lucky 200 Platinum is enough, but it can also easily be more like 1000 Platinum. The next item is the Dreamer's Fire Wand. This item also comes from a 4-Pack, but from Enchantress Level 10 4-Pack (200 Platinum). Dreamer's is the better item here, and you'll probably have to buy multiple packs to get this specific Wand. On top of that, you'll also need the H/s and M/s ring which now is 75 Platinum.

For the lucky ones, a full regen set will be 475 Platinum (about $40). The more realistic price is 1000 Platinum (about $60). And that is just for a regen set!

In the latest update, a fully geared level 15 twink cost about $80-100 (1/6 of a new iPhone 7). That is just ridiculous compared what else you get for that amount of money.

STS, come on... which kind of world do you live in?

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