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anyone following the zimmerman case??

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id like to know your opinions..look it up youtube or the internet..tellme your intrested because this happened right in my area

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  1. Dartagnian's Avatar
    im in south florida, hear it continually. while i think there ought to be a trial and given the fact that all we hear is from media and is definitely biased, i dont think i like this lynch mob mentality im seeing and how the media and public figures have been whipping people into a frenzy. I thinkthere were life altering mistakes made that night, but i doubt ill ever be able to say it was georges fault or treyvons fault. its sad someone lost their son, friend, classmate. one things for certain, no one is coming out of it without deep, lifechanging scars. peace.
  2. Growwle's Avatar
    Although the facts of the case are still coming out, the media has already tried and convicted Zimmerman and I doubt he could get a fair trial anywhere. Zimmerman should have been arrested and investigated immediately, then there would have been no outrage and this murder would not have been made into a political tool.
  3. Tafeark's Avatar
    In my opinion, he should have not followed Trayvon. The police all ready told him not to but yet he did. What if Trayvon did have a gun. He would have been shot and killed himself foe just following him. That "Stand You're Ground" law needs to be removed. Because with it, Trayvon was in his rights to fight back. The boy was going home to his baby brother for christ sake. I do not care if Trayvon was a gangsta. He was not bothering anyone.
  4. Electrifying's Avatar
    Actually, I found out today that the update in the case was that Trayvon DID attack Zimmerman. Another witness came forward. As said by my teacher and Channel 7 news.
  5. LwMark's Avatar
    Ive heard 2 songs about this today