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Winter Fest 2016

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Yesterday the winter fest got released and I just wanted to thank STS for the great update!

They had put some effort into this update and I really enjoyed collecting this year's vanities. But the question is - how will this update affect level 15 twinks?

To be honest, not much at all. Winter Fest didn't came with the x5 level weapons (15, 25, 35 etc.) as we saw in 2010 so there will be no new gear for us to collect. I didn't expect that to happen, but ever since 2010, I've been hoping for level 15 gear in every event update.

Trading and buying gear are now much easier with the increased gold cap (999,999,999). This will especially be the case when you're going to buy your Winter Fest Snowball Launcher. The value is somewhere between 18-30m and before the update this meant a lot of difficult steps and a high chance of getting scammed. This change will also result in more SBL:s to the active players since people could now sell these at CS. I've already seen two in CS after just 24 hours! So if you don't got your pink SBL yet, it's time to get it NOW.

We could also see some new Vanities added to the store. The Royal Vortex Shield seems interesting to me. Other that that, some new and old Christmas vanities got added.

The future

Let's hope this update gives new life to Pocket Legends and brings people back. I think STS has seen a positive trend after Halloween and now Christmas, and hopefully we'll see more frequent updates in the future. Until then, lets play some 15 PVP!

Unit next time

I end this post with the most beautiful Christmas card you'll see this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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Winter Fest 2016 vanities: 2016 Reindeer Antlers and 2016 Holiday Wings.

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Updated 12-14-2016 at 04:08 PM by Caztori

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