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Okay. So I've played many other online multi-player games that have had community bosses or like big group bosses. I'm not talking about like the bosses we have in pl. I was thinking about like bosses that need groups of more than 5 people. Like 10-15 people but have the bosses at different levels for not just people at cap (but this may only work at cap due to inactivity of other levels.) These bosses should do more damage than any boss we have had (nothing insane) and it should have more health (not insane amounts either.) One way to do this would be re making all the bosses throughout alterra and call them like mega meathead or like mega Lil'Bill. This might be a great way to have larger groups of people team up and defeat group bosses! One spin to these bosses might be timed. So you actually have to assemble a well put together team of bears birds and mages. Another spin to this could be having a set number of players like 5 mages 5 birds and 5 bears min. But create different rules for different bosses to make things exciting! Also another thing to add would be drop rates. Something to change could be have like 1-2 people get a guaranteed good drop of a pink. Or sometimes a rarer elite! But to make someone get at least 1 pink or more rarer, an elite. These items I'm guessing shouldn't be a huge game changer since at least 1 pink should drop each time. But this is just a thought! I'd like to see group boss fighting of more than 5 people and needing strategy to take down the boss!

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