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Pocket Legends Januari 2017 update in a level 15 perspective

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Weíve had our biggest update in a long time and this update changed a lot of stuffs. In this post, I will summarise my thoughts of it and share my experiences from level 15 PVP.

Everything is tradable

Yup, everything is now tradable. It is a bit boring due the fact Iíve spent a lot of time and money to get my vanities in order to obtain the perfect look (in my opinion). Now everyone could look like me with almost no effort. Overall, I think this is a good update for the game so I should not be too sad about it.

The same goes for Founderís Helm. I wrote a post about it as the best item for level 15 twinks and now everyone are able to get it. If you got about 100m laying around of course. Starting to see a lot of founders in PVP now and I guess that should even out my previous benefits. Since the price tag is high and number of Founderís Helm in game are limited, this will probably continue to be rare, but not as rare as before this update.

3pc Elite Ring

This leads us in to 3pc rings. Since the elite rings only requires level 1 we are now able to use them as well. The prices is already really low (around 1m for Red Ring of Valiant Glory). The best ring you could get now for you 15 twink is Black Ring of Valiant Glory. I added this ring to my 15 warrior guide if you want to see itís stats. Compared to the red one, which is second best, the stat difference is minor (2 Health, 1 H/s and 1 M/s). So if you canít afford the black one you should really go for the red.

The biggest benefit of the black one is that itís also the best ring for your regen gear. With red ring youíll either need the Platinum Ring with 1 H/s and 1 M/s to max out your regen or Golden Ring of Valiant Glory. If you need to use the regen gear in the middle of a fight of FFA the extra Armor from 3pc ring is really useful compared to the Platinum Ring.

This is probably the best item you could get for you twink besides a good weapon now. Iíve dueled people without it and they goes down after my first stomp and wonít deal any damage on me at all. So as long as everyone are using 3pc rings, itís not that big of a problem in low level PVP. But when people doesnít, it wonít be fair anymore.

Do you wonder which ring I use? Black of coarse!

Dodge and Hit nerf

Dodge and hit has been nerfed in this update and been reduced a lot. My hit was reduced by about 25% but since PL has a hit cap of 85 (source), we should still be fine sitting on the edge. Letís hope Forgotten Bow wonít proc too much on us and reduce the hit.

This nerf did also remove these stats, or part of them, from some of the gear. Iíve updated my guide to include the updated stats for you. The biggest think to take in consideration when it comes to the updated gear is Expertís Armor versus Artisanís Armor. Artisanís previously focused on Hit and Armor. Now it got a big nerf while Expertís almost didnít change at all. This means Expertís now is the best armor to use in almost any situation. Together with the 3pc ring you should be able to have sufficient Armor anyway.

Paw is the new talon

Iíve once wrote a post telling you why you never should use a Paw as a bear. This guide could not be more outdated after this update. Physiologic has written about Damage contra DPS in his Guide to Advanced Mechanics in PL: DPS, Crits etc. In this guide he discover that Armor affects DPS but not Damage. After this update, every twink are running around with 45-55 Armor which means high Damage is more important than DPS. Friendish Monkeyís Paw has the highest damage at level 15 and that means thatís the weapon you should use for now.

Iíve tested this our myself and saw talon damage reduced by half (!) when 3pc ring was equipped on my opponent. The Pawís damage was reduced as well, but the reduction was just minimal, close to normal output.

I know some people used level 10 Paw before to be able to use it with full Dex build since it does not require any Int at all, but after a tests I concluded sacrifice 4 Dex for Int and use the level 15 version is beneficial.

PVP overall

Overall, fights are now much faster than before. At the moment, I actually likes this but itís probably just because something has changed. I think I will miss the longer fights in the future. I know Cinco are doing a great work trying to balance the game even more at the moment, so I think weíll have to wait and see where this is ending. Iím glad something happened. The game is more active than itís been for a long time and that is great. Letís hope this will result in a bigger player base.

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