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Remembering Support

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A lot have happened in Pocket Legends since my last post from early January. This have changed and I'm going to post more about the changed here on the blog soon. But today it's time to remember Support, the old guild I once was a part of during 2013.

I would consider my time in Support as one of the best periods during the time I've played Pocket Legends. And it has soon been 7 (!) years since I started. The reason I make this post now is because I recently deleted my 15 Enchantress who still was in the guild. Megatwink who was the guild master and probably my closest friend in-game got banned and the guild could no longer be running.

During that time, I would say Support was the best twink guild together with Sit which is the current guild I'm in. Back then it was respectful to belong to a good twink guild and you had to show that you deserved a spot.

I took some screenshots of the remaining members and here are a list of some of them (including people who had already left the guild):

  • Megatwink (Master)
  • Laggyaf (Officer)
  • Master (Officer)
  • Traskner (Officer)
  • Ape
  • Canofcoke
  • Kawakawasaki
  • Faith
  • Frontbear
  • Glorification
  • Imbings
  • Justcry
  • Madeforpk
  • Masted
  • Noxrus
  • Projected
  • Spirituosa
  • Warlukx
  • Weepingxxsoul

Do you remember anyone of these players?

Found a screenshot of me the same day I got invited to Support (Yup, I used Crazy Face in the beginning).

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