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The Showman's Exuberant Iguana Extravaganza (Part 1)

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A Pocket Legends Commentary:

Under the familiar tent, the show went on. Elephants paraded around like a show of mockery, lions jumping through hoops as though they could be tamed, and acrobatics walking the tight rope. But one figure, deep in the recesses of the show, was unseen. The iguana, the showman's personal pet, had a variety of tricks.

This included back flips, front flips, contortions of the body, and hypnosis. However, his act was never seen by those at the show. The crowd would scream and cheer for the poor iguana's counter-parts, but grew silent as church mice when his act came.

In fact, the only part of the show that the poor iguana got enjoyment from were the signs the people would hold. Although he could not read, he began to see trends of certain shapes together with a picture associated. This perplexed him and kept the show somewhat entertaining. Nonetheless, he very slowly began to doubt his talents.

After what felt like years of rejection, the iguana decided that it was time for a change, but he did not know how to get such information to make that change. With this in mind, he decided to observe his master, the showman, and see if any means of getting such knowledge were shown evident in his everyday life.

With close observation, the iguana eventually saw a pattern of his master talking at a blank screen... and it talked back! He would speak strange sounds, which the iguana had never heard before, into the flat, lit screen, and the screen would answer with a soft, monotone voice as though there were no humanity behind it. The iguana became confused, but knew this was something special.

The iguana continued his detective work, tirelessly working to the point where he felt like a fish out of water. His scales were razor blades, sharp and dedicated to finding the answer he needed. After some time, he began to notice that his master was now using the same sounds he used with the screen, with other people. Human beings were obviously not screens, so why was he using the same sounds for both?

It was just one more question to add to the long list he already had.

His mind scrambled and confused, the iguana made his way home yet again after a long day of performing. But he couldn't stop his investigation. Yet again, he watched and listened as his master spoke strange noises into the blank screen.

The Showman, likely to be as tired and exhausted as his scaly friend, abruptly departed from his usual station and went to bed, leaving his talking screen alone... and still functioning. The iguana, with an evil grin, knew that this was his chance. He climbed up onto the desk and looked at the screen.

He was astounded to find that these symbols were familiar. They were the same as those put on the signs he saw at the show! He could not understand hardly anything in front of him, but he did recognize certain groupings, two in particular being rose and stone. But there were symbols in the middle? Could these symbol groupings be put together to convey a larger meaning? He did not know.

Knowing that he was onto something, the iguana pounded his way, head first, through the window leaving a glassy rain to anyone who may be below. He then let out a blood curdling cry, it was the cry of the iguanas. The ancient call summoning all that could hear to him. This sound carried for miles, and all iguanas came to his presence. They knew that their time for world domination had come.

The iguanas came, climbing up the walls with staggering speed to the window. The Showman, perplexed and frightened, watched from his window as his pet, the small creature he had used for money, was shouting strange cries out of the window. He could not believe his eyes, and wanted to tell himself that he were dreaming, but he knew it could not be a figment of his imagination. The iguanas were coming, and he knew not of their purpose.

Our main iguana, whom we shall now call Charles, watched in triumph as his brethren were making their way to his location. Charles, still waiting for his comrades, looked back at his master, trembling in his bed. Charles, knowing that he had finally taken the power from his human counterpart, let an evil smile spread across his face. It was his time to shine.

When Charles' friends started poking their head over the window sill, the Showman decided that he had seen enough. He got up, and left. He then tried to tell all he could about these iguanas, but they scoffed in his face. He continued the show, and never went back to that apartment.

To be continued...

I know that there seems to be no connection to pocket legends in this story, but to give some background information I will give some context.

This is mostly meant to be a stupidly but yet entertaining commentary on how older players treat the newer players in pocket legends.

The showman represents older players. Experienced at what they do, while the iguana represents the newer players. Many of the older players (especially merchants) used the younger players lack of understanding of the market for their own profit. This is similar to how the Showman used the iguana for his profits in the show.

But now that the iguana (newer players) have learned the game and now outnumber the older players, they hold much of the supply in the game or control of the screen machine. Thus, the iguanas, or newer players, will look for revenge. There will be more symbolism explained in part two... don't you worry.

If I get positive feedback, I will likely do more of these, if not, I will finish part 2 and go away xD!
I felt like this was worth having around for a while because I like the stupid story of the iguana and how it explains what is happening in the PL community.

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