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Level 15 Bear Guide

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Hello Pocket Legends and PvP community today I have decided to release my builds and how to use them effectively. The main reason I am doing this is just for the sheer fact that there are many bad level 15 bears, this is to help them improve also we need new faces in the low level range. Please feel free to post and give feedback!

Table of Contents:
I. Faces
II. Gear
III. Build
IV. How to perform
V. A Reminder

I. The Face
**NOTE:This is NOT a needed aspect to having a successful level 15 twink!
Buying a 10 platinum face may seem a waste to some, but the addition stats help slightly, not a lot but some. They also add +5 cool factor, which is always nice to have. I personally would go with the Mecha Face. It looks the best and has the best stats next to Krazy, which is good if you have a nice crit build.

II. The Gear
I assume prior to you reading this guide that you have at least 500k to spend. Low level twinking isn't expensive unlike most other brackets. Which makes it widely appealing to most, and gear is everything. Without good gear you will not succeed. This will probably cost around 50 platinum and 500kish for your twink to be complete.

Helmet - Level 10 Sniper's Helmet which can be purchased in the dex four item pack.
Armor - Level 15 Expert Reinforced Leather, or Artisans depending on what you're using.
Ring - Fine Platinum Band of Bravery. I haven't personally tried a lot of rings but I use it and have no issues, feel free to suggest another if you please.
Weapon(s)- Level 15 pink Forgotten Bow as you won't get anywhere without it. Level 15 pink Chunker will also do great for kiting, although it gets people upset. A purple level 15 Snowball Launcher can be a blast if you're more experienced. Now I personally use talons a whole lot. So I have a level 15 pink tinsel but this isn't necessary you can use the level 15 pink talon Jewel Thief's Talon instead. It works like a charm.
Offhand - I use Level 15 Greusome Evidence Bracer as it is the best for this level. And it's cheap! .

III. The Build
For Snowball Launcher I highly recommend using the 6 Rage, 6 Stomp, 1 SMS, and 1 VS. When using Sbl I recommend using Artisans for the higher hit %. It helps greatly.

For using forgotten bows and talon users. This is my private build that I have since stopped using and I haven't posted it on the forum, lots of good players use it and it works. 5 rage, 5 stomp, 2 SMS, and 2 VS. Use Expert and you can either kite and have them miss their stomp or rush them and hope for the best!

IV. How to Perform
SnowBall Launching: When using the infamous SBL you should keep your distance. This is key to doing well with this, it's a kiters best dream as it freezes people to that spot on occasion. I run in with a stomp and spam my slashes hopefully they're stuck at a distance away from their stomp. The key now is to get out of their stomp distance and hope that your hits with the SBL take them out. Don't be afraid to stomp them again if they're getting close.
Talon: When you're using a talon you want as much of an advantage as possible. Kiting. This is the difference between a good taloner and a mediocre one. Maneuver and run around until they waste their precious stomp, after they fail run in and smash your three skills. This should leave them hindered at 1/4-2/4. While you are at 3/4 or full. Continue this tactic and win, don't hide though, big difference between hiding and being a good kiter
Forgotten Bow: There is no skill in this. It's overpowered and unfair. It's mainly luck, so spam your skills and consider yourself good LOL.

V. A Reminder
PVP twinking is all for good fun not a competition. Don't treat others like dirt because you're better than them, it's a game. You're not receiving a medal, you don't gain respect in the world, you are having fun. Also I do not condone rushing. It can be a pain being rushed over and over, you also don't want to get hunted by certain people for rushing. Always say go. I also do NOT recommend sitting and talking while in a game, go to Shadow Caves or Balefort, the PvP grounds are for killing not chatting .

**NOTE: Pictures will be added as well as any grammatical errors you or I see, I am trying to keep this as highest quality as possible. Thanks and feel free to leave feedback!**
Hi all, I found this post interesting because it is highly informative but did not get an overwhelmingly strong response from the community. I saw this as the chance to tell a small commentary on how the human brain works. People like pictures, variety in color, etc, and these aspects can totally sway a player's opinion of a guide without them even knowing.

It is simply the nature of people to like the things above, and thus judge the legitimacy of the guide based on those aspects. If you are looking to make a guide, using color and pictures is essential to keeping people interested. Hope this helps!

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