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Purple/white dragon vanity

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@cinco. I know youre trying to get people to purchase plat more. Adding something reskinned as a plat purchased dungeon would make people want it more and more. We have talked about it several times. This map would be a 3 plat dungeon like nuris dungeon. You could also put a portal in oktal town to purchase the elixir for say 50-75 plat to have access for 60min. The drop tables would include.

*white dragon vanity helm/armor
*purple dragon vanity helm/armor
*oktal helm/armors
*white/purple dragon pet
*oktal bow sight/staff orb/sword blade/axe blade/dagger
*volcanic starry garb (red starry)
*ash starry garb (black starry)
*magma starry garb (orange starry)

I believe this would be amazing to add. I personally would buy plat to farm this map even if the rarity is scarce. Giving us something to grind for and to try to acquire. White/purple drag has been talked about for quite some time now. Leave your comments below.

Thank you Cinco.
I saw this post, and felt like this could be a good opportunity to comment on how the pocket legends community is changing. I assume that many of us know the nature of a spoiled child and how that attitude comes to fruition. The child gets many things at once, and thus expects that to continue in the future. This is what I believe is happening to the Pocket Legends community.

To preface this, I love you all, but we are getting a bit spoiled. Massive changes to Pocket Legends in conjunction with a new cap has left us feeling like we should have this change continued. However, we need to remember that people are behind the magic, and they have lives too. When posting to ask for things, try to think about who would need to do the work for it, and be cognoscente of that. Hope all is well !

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