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The story about Blue Money + short gold guide

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How do I get rich? Many people wonder how to get rich now people here is this story that will make you yes you! Smelly rich you get so rich that you will not only get rogue women walking behind you but also thick warriors but if you prefer neither, I ask you to marry and hum a Mage with a flat pancake booty "They do give mana" Okay, okay,
let's tell about the truth, and that's 90% in Arlor is poor, but how come?

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I tell you once about the past when a Mage was born by Mommy & Daddy basically Rogue (V) Warrior (D), the birth of a young Mage named Dixs was given, he was a regular Mage with a normal life until one day he was used as a mana slave, he would only get paid 69 gold for 8 hours, sometimes even less, he wanted to be treated equally as the other mages he decided to take action and measures.

He went to a school for scammers to get to know the scams better, he became an experienced scammer to replace swindlers. He was always too smart, but why was it because his parents called him Dixs? No, he was proud of his name because he showed the definition of his name, he was a born artist. Nothing could stop him anymore with the victims he left behind.

One day he came home with a lot of arcane pets, when his parents saw him with dignified things, he asked his parents to give him their Arcane eggs as a donation they really saw him happy in his eyes, but in his head... He would run away because he was a Dixs, yep that's what he is.

Greed was on his mind when he sold all ice golem sets for 10% more than the previous price, he could finally think only one thing, "More", he found a beautiful rogue he thought to live together with but was stolen later because the rogue was a catfish, when karma strikes it has no mercy.

No one knew where Dixs was when he got stolen, some think he's somewhere homeless in an alley in the City of Kelys some might think he jumped off the Ashral Tower and there's other people thinking he's working for 69 gold as mana slave again "with a private life"

To be continued

Ok but back to topic how to get rich many wonder how to get rich it's very simple some people have rich parents who buy platinum for their child or maybe they play it themselves, but there are also the hardcore farmers. Just thinking time is money i have to use my time to farm and not lose time for other things so people that means you have to do something to get gold, otherwise you might be someone like Dixs, Like the self-made story.

1. If you are an endgamer, you stumble over gold, you must have need gold for gears, because you just want to be cool or want good statistics. Just try running Somberholt with "Gold loot" equipped more "Gold loot" equipped is always better than less, sell massive crates, collect tokens and spend at the Somberholt vendor.

2. Do not be lazy, there are lazy ways to earn gold if you want to stand in front the consignment store all day. You can always try to be a merchant. Do not forget to buy low and sell for higher, depending on which items you want to buy / sell multiple times. The price can always rise for more than the previous price, such as a seasonal dealer, waiting for prices to go up.

3. Try to do events like the King of Northal or Cryostar make a good party with four players to farm together with if you repeat these events with luck elixir active "Before the boss" or Lucky as pet summoned, reminder switch to leprechaun at the boss or equip before fighting The boss it can get you some decent loot.

4. Make a twink, it does not cost as much "Think about your budget" if you're not looking for the maximum statistics, So what you can do is accept two quests in Garetta Tavern. The quests have an hour cool down after the quests are finished. The trick is to make two or three Twink characters "Think about budget again" and accept the two quests from Garetta Tavern and complete them after completing the quests go to your first Twink character again and repeat or just use platinum if you do not want to consume time on quests, go to the vendor and get Magna runes or victus runes after collecting [X] amount fragments from the artifact boss.

5. You want fast gold? Well, here's a way to quickly fill your pockets, but keep in mind that you do not get instant rich with doing this go to Windmoore and search for this weekly quest and complete the task, but you can also do run "For endgamers" Elite Southern Gates with a party have "Gold loot" equipped and kill the boss then grab the gold and repeat the process.

These are all the ways to make gold, but if you really still have trouble making gold, you will always stay poor and the rich always stay rich and therefore you must listen to advise me, always think smart, even if you are not smart think until you get a headache.

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The End

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