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Handsum Guild

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We wanna share some gold with AL community therefore making a guild to distribute it among the forum players/in-game players . We are an International, Social and Forum Based Guild focused on PvP and PvE. English Speakers are preferred.

Requirement to Join Us:
1. Level 41 or above (exceptions apply to forum/returning players)
2. 10k Aps (exceptions apply to forum/returning players)
3. Social Player
4. Subscribe to Handsumlegends youtube channel here (Optional):

Benefit of Joining US:

1. Daily Guild Event: 50k Guild Giveaway EVERYDAY. (5 Winners)

2. Weekly Quiz on Thursday's at 1PM CT ( 30 minutes before Events normally Go live, 5 Winners). A video will be posted of this on Sundays' on my YouTube channel

3. Random Giveaways in Guildhall ( ALL WEEK LONG)

4. Monthly Guild PvP competition at Cap 41. Winning Team get's 1m Gold distributed evenly among the winners. ( I or an officer selected by me will need to monitor). on 28th of Every Month

5. Monthly Guild Recruitment Event: Invite 100 players in a month for 1m Gold. Invited Players must be level 56 or above

6. Find the NPC Contest: More details here:

Side benefits:
1. Lot of Active Players both at PvP and PvE
2. We can help each other buy and sell items in guild-chat to each other.
3. We can help each other find buyers or sellers.
4. There is a focus on social aspect of AL
5. We can give info on latest item prices so you don't overpay or get scammed.
6. Farm gold/aps with Pros
7. We help you complete hard bosses
8. You can make new friends here
9. We provide gold making/ xp/ event strategy
10. Guild Members Hang-Out Guildhall ( Social chats etc) . This occurs most at 11:30am CT when most of the members are active.
11. Guild Parties
12. House Parties

How to become a Recruiter:

1. First all of, you meet the requirement to join the Guild (lvl 41)
2. Be in the Guild
3. Have read this thread [ No exceptions] You will be asked a keyword/phrase in-game to be promoted to recruiter which is changed regularly :
keyword: iLovrecruitiing ( case sensitive)
4. Aware of the requirement to invite others
5. Any members joining that does not fitting the requirement will need to be approved by officer or guild master

How to become an Officer:

This will be really difficult as I don't want untrustworthy officer who can abuse officer status by scamming other members of the guild or kick players without running it by me.


1. You have a forum account or a highly active Guild member in-game
2. Have Recruited 100 Members for the Guild who reach the guild requirement ( No time limit/ exceptions apply)
3. You have been in the guild for at least 3 Months. (Exceptions apply)
4. You will need to do a Trust Test with me for an item or gold valued at 15m minimum. I will go first if you feel uncomfortable. Other officers tests here if you like to see:
5. Notify me in-forum or in-game letting me know you would like to be an officer here.
6. You interact, participate events and frequently interact with guild master, officers and recruiters etc
7. Have knowledge of the game which you share freely.

1. NO Scammers Allowed [NO EXCEPTIONS]
2. NO Exploiters Allowed [NO EXCEPTIONS]
3. NO Gold Buyers/Seller [NO EXCEPTIONS]
4. NO Account Sellers/Buyers [NO EXCEPTIONS]
5. NO BEGGING in Guildchat
6. Read the Terms Of Service
7. Any Breach of the TOS grants immediate removal from guild without Notice or Exceptions.


Original Guild Master: Handsumlegend
Current Master: Handsumlegend


Please send me a message on forum to join or add me in-game. I will have a list of officers and recruiters as soon as possible.


1. Zeridor


1. Huntsup ( weekends only)
2. ssblake
3. Lethaled
4. Irwie
5. Beudrav
6. close
7. Darklflame
8. Fraozubib
Current Active Members: 200


ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when trading. Don't trust anyone e.g. someone pm you and ask to do a trust test and they record video.
If you decide to trust someone, be prepared to lose it. I know few trusted players/scammers so let me know in-game if u find someone breaking the rules

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