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New Ideas for the upcoming expansion!

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Hello all of you Beautiful! fantastic, amazing! people of the Arcane Legends community! and the lovely outstanding amazing staff members & developers in the spacetime studios head quarters!

I'd like to propose my idea's for the next expansion that's just around the corner.

***The World PvP System***

-Everyone Gets a 25% Damage Reduction

-Everyone gets a purple name when they enter the zone *The color will make you easier to notice from far distances and will activate the free-for-all pvp mode on you until you exit the zone*

-This system will provide quests with rewards like for example *1,500/XP/ & 1-3k /Gold/ & Gear Piece rewards* For successfully completing quests given to you in the rotting marsh/warrior lands.

-When people can attack you and once you die you lose 150-200 gold (It increases by 10 gold the more you die to prevent bot farming) and there will be exclusive pets roaming around the lands of the rotting marsh/warriors free for everyone to catch using items called *pet biscuits (Only Purchased by platinum & is tradeable as an item on auction.

-Small mini world bosses spawn in the pvp zones on a global clock timer and once they spawn everyone in any map gets a text in red with the following words *Possibly* written: "The Lord of destruction inan hesh has arose from his grave! Battle him in the lands of the Warriors/rotting marsh!".

-PvP Vendors with exclusive items & pets and titles, only that can be purchased with *Honor/Arcane honor/Honorable Magicane/ <--Kill Points or Badges.

***The Shards Of The Forsaken. Crafting System!***

-The world bosses drop magical shards that you gather to craft exclusive Dark/Light pets only available to the people who mastered the blacksmiths blessing.

-There will be a crafting level from 1-15 for crafting specific high tier items and every time you successfully craft an item it'll make you gain Experience to level up your crafting skills!

-Shards to craft light & dark dust by shattering the shards into dust!

***The Elite Scavenger's Vendor Of The Forbidden***

-There will be a hidden rare vendor that appears in high dungeons like mausoleum 4 to 6 and higher future dungeons, these vendors are ancient shadow necromancer mages from the dead who see your worth by you completing quests for them to kill (25-50) mobs from all over arlor's *ELITE* lands corrupted with evil. You should kill any mobs from different maps like for example:

(0/50) Mausoleum/grave *ELITE* mobs killed.
(0/50) Shuyal *ELITE* mobs killed.
(0/50) Brackenridge *ELITE* mobs killed.

And once you turn in the quest to the shadow mages who appear again, they'll let you have access to their valuble ancient items for the cost of the forsaken shards + some gold like for example 5-10k and platinum for the higher tier ancient items which are tradeable on auction.

Thank you guys for reading and let me know what you all think! I hope you all have a wonderful day! God bless you all and merrychristmas!!!!

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