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I'm seeing the full spectrum of what teaching music is.

You have the rebels that are only there because they have to be, and then you have the (and, most have) talented musicians. Most of my talented musicians are shy. They don't know it, but they still mess up and try. They're coming along and learning, but they are stubborn to realize that prefect practice makes perfect.

It's better to have a band that tried than one that failed at trying.

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  1. Jig's Avatar
    >> Saool << --> >The Main Boss < <--
  2. saool's Avatar
    Haha jigsaw is that you?
  3. Jig's Avatar
    Not jigsaw or Jigsaaw besides them two yes Im Jiiigsaaw!
  4. saool's Avatar
    lmao you know what I meant haha
  5. OvigorothO's Avatar
    id rather have an orchestra than a band :P
  6. saool's Avatar
    Haha well yeah in that case a symphony would be better even then, but I'm only helping with childrens development of a possible musical career