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Pvp ideas

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[QUOTE=Dequan;2929897]This game once had a skill gap now lol where it at tho. Lucky combos. I guess combos is still a thing. Pvp is dying u hear our opinions but u still do nothing. Way way back in lvl 41 when there was no such thing as forge rats, and darkbinding worked pretty well. Rats did damage and also stunned opponents idly anyone in their right mind would only let rats stun but it is what it is. All u see now is fire fire fire and if u lucky a weapon combo lol. Cinco u have out done yourself man thx for the best pvp system :). Man I use to enjoy pvp back then come online get 1k kills a day now 20 kills then leave. If u guys did this then more pvp players will come back from retirement and that is
#1 buff rats make it deal dmg and stun
#2 remove this lucky weapon combo u just turn noobs into pros for no reason
#3 we should be able to pay 50 plat to lock a forge that way it's a win win situation
#4 vanities should never give u pvp stats
#5the ctf glitch still works its been yrs the flag glitch
#6 do that and u see all the old players coming back[/QUOTE]

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