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Spectator Mode

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i would personally, love a spectate screen. i have always wanted to spectate high level endgame ctf. It would be a really nice addition to the game - perhaps even inspiring more people to try PvP and reach endgame to partake in ctf (of which i am assuming there's a lot of, i might be wrong.)

I think, however, it should have chat disabled so that players who are spectating are unable to see the chat of the PvP (incase there is any toxicity.)

Perhaps to program it without making a new engine, you could just set a flag that upon pressing spectate, joins you to the hosted map, but never triggers the team selection buttons to appear - meaning you are in the PvP match, and able to roam around, but unable to fight.

Then, to allow players to see what is going on: remove that extra island where you are spawned before joining a team, and instead, allow the player to enter the map anyway.. this would mean you would be in the PvP map but without a team, meaning you could watch, but not participate, but still be able to move around freely to see what is going on..

then, of course, you would need a way to hide the player from the screens of people on a team, so there isn't any deliberate distractions being made by spectators in a tourney.. (this would only be important during actual tournaments, imo).

Perhaps, this could be accomplished by making the playermodel transparent by equipping a 'spectator' item-set? These items would just be designed so that the gear makes the character completely transparent. This set could be purchasable for 30k - much like the Honour Arena sets.

Also, the playerlimit would need to be changed from 2,6&10 (depending on the map) to something larger so that we are able to spectate full games.

Also, skills should be disabled and unmapped whilst spectating, so that there is a larger view for the spectators.

When i say remove the island, i mean this room where the player is spawned before joining:
Name:  what i meant.PNG
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I wonder if that even makes sense to anyone other than me hahah

That's all speculation, i have no idea how the game is actually programmed..

Here are my attempts at designing the screens...

Name:  for forums.jpg
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Name:  spec screen.jpg
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I love the idea and as I mentioned in the post I would love to see this or maybe it can be implemented as a third team! The third team should get 4x speed and spawn like outside the map so they can run around.

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