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Weapon Combos

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I've already talked about weapon combos & explained why they're no good for the game's PvP in previous threads. Nobody disagreed with me about those threads I've made about the weapon combos as it's about luck, so I decided to make a Poll, since I feel like my previous threads about this problem didn't really lure the developer's attention much.
Once again, PvP shouldn't be based on luck. There were weapon combos in the Old Dark Legends PvP, through out lvl36, etc. But it was very rare, unlike now as some people only spam weapons without even charging powers, since combos land let's say 80% of the time, if not more. I'm not complaining about it by the way, it's not like I can't deal with it. I've played PvP since forever and it's the easiest thing there is, but it's just not fun anymore. Before it was all about the powers pattern, about being smart, about timing, what do you charge first, stuns, moves, etc. But now all we have to do is literally only press powers and spam weapons until Combos land, that's no fun. No fun at all. When I PvP, I feel like I'm playing with zombies, in PvE you spam powers and swords without thinking, and it's sad to see that PvP is starting to be the same. I've never seen any game that includes PvP that is about Luck, not being an actual good player.

Who wants Lucky Weapon Combos removed or atleast have alot lower chance to happen, and who wants them to stay? Vote in the Poll if you please.

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