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sts is my expiration

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Well ever since I got a game I always been into the idea of making games and wanting to make games when I grow up.but the games I wanted ti make before I played STS games were shooting games. But when I started playing STS games it changed my mind and i saw if how does these guys make these games and like what'd the process of making one. Well ever since middle school I been taking computer classes and hopefully get a glimpse of how the creativity of game making. And sam hyne has brought me to this point if my life where I don't care about my the money ill make or the popularity of it is. Its about the people who enjoy the game and can't stop playing it.

Just wanted to wright this to show some appreciation to Sam,the devs,and everyone in the process of these games yall have set gave me a purpose for my future goals

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  1. rinzler's Avatar
    Such a great blog post! We love how much of a positive impact we leave on our players. :eagerness:

    Keep up the greatness~
  2. Deatharcherr's Avatar
    want to do this too if i am older
  3. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Inspiration not expiration lol
  4. Legendslayers's Avatar
    I got ninja'd by ninja
  5. Dartagnian's Avatar
    make absolutely certain, and i mean absolutely (underscore underline) that you do something as a profession in life you have a passion for. looks like game design and such is what makes you happy. So keep that goal, man. dont listen to people who try to discourage. k im done, lol. /stale_old_person_advice *OFF